Flash player for 64 bit OS

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by msnews.microsoft.com, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. My 64 bit Vista is not able to display/or install Flash. Is this a common
    problem with the 64 bit OS?
    msnews.microsoft.com, Aug 31, 2008
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  2. msnews.microsoft.com

    Clayton Guest

    Yes, Flash does not support 64 Bit, use 32 Bit
    Clayton, Aug 31, 2008
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  3. It's not Vista 64bit (the OS) that won't display or install Flash, it's the
    64-bit version of Internet Explorer. You can, however, use the 32-bit IE,
    and flash works. The key is to use the 32-bit IE, _which is the default_,
    whenever you want to access a flash site.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Aug 31, 2008
  4. In essence you are saying to me that despite my Lexus, I should keep riding
    my horse... Hmmm, doesn't make much sense now, does it? :)
    msnews.microsoft.com, Sep 1, 2008
  5. msnews.microsoft.com

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, msnews (is that Really your name?).

    As Charlie said, run 32-bit IE in your 64-bit Vista. Both versions of IE
    are included in every copy of Vista. The 32-bit version runs by default.
    To see which one is running, click Help | About Internet Explorer. The
    64-bit version will say "64-bit Edition" on the Version line; the 32-bit
    version is silent. (Don't be confused by Cipher Strength: 256-bit, in both

    You can run either:
    the 32-bit edition: C:\Program Files (x86)\iexplore.exe, or
    the 64-bit edition: C:\Program Files\iexplore.exe

    More like you can listen to AM radio in your Lexus, or FM radio in your
    Lexus. ;<)

    R. C. White, CPA
    San Marcos, TX

    Microsoft Windows MVP
    (Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)
    R. C. White, Sep 1, 2008
  6. msnews.microsoft.com

    fs_fan Guest

    Unfortunately I can't also get to work Flash with 64-bit OS and Firefox...
    Any solutions for this?

    But yes, it works ok on IEx86.
    fs_fan, Sep 1, 2008
  7. msnews.microsoft.com

    Kerry Brown Guest

    The solution is for Adobe to release a 64 bit version of Flash. Until that
    happens it isn't going to work.
    Kerry Brown, Sep 1, 2008
  8. msnews.microsoft.com

    Hal9000 Guest

    I have FireFox 3.0.1 installed here on a 64-bit system. Flash works just

    When I first installed Firefox and visited a site that required flash I just
    opted to let it install by default and it works.


    I have a rule here - If a site, or it's content, require IE I don't use the
    site. All my computers are NO IE all the time systems
    Hal9000, Sep 1, 2008
  9. Sure. You're running a 32-bit program.

    "A good goat will do that."
    Yes, It works in nearly any 32-bit browser.

    But not in any kind of 64-bit browser:
    Me, too: I disregard advice from people who didn't read the manual.

    - David Stevens
    David Stevens, Sep 1, 2008
  10. msnews.microsoft.com

    Dennis Pack Guest

    Firefox 3.0.1 is a 32-bit browser as is the updated Adobe Flash
    Player. The updated Adobe Flash Player is also compatible with IE7 32-bit.
    This thread is about using a 64-bit browser which is like comparing apples
    and oranges which are both good within their areas.
    Dennis Pack, Sep 1, 2008
  11. Thanks, Kerry, this was the answer I was looking for, which also prompts
    another question: do you know by any chance why is it taking Adobe so long
    to release the 64 bit version of Flash when the 64 bit OS has been around
    for a while?

    And since we are speaking of Adobe, do you know if Photoshop CS3 and
    Lightroom 2 are compatible with the 64 bit version of Vista? Thanks
    msnews.microsoft.com, Sep 1, 2008
  12. msnews.microsoft.com

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Kerry Brown, Sep 2, 2008
  13. msnews.microsoft.com

    Dennis Pack Guest

    Dennis Pack, Sep 2, 2008
  14. Lightroom 2 is 64-bit, if you have a 64-bit Windows OS.

    CS3 - an x86 application - is compatible with 64-bit. CS4, when released
    (expected soon), will have a 64-bit Windows version.
    Dominic Payer, Sep 2, 2008
  15. Mr. White,

    You've written a good explanation that they both exist, but you didn't
    tell a computer neophite how you actuall select the 32 bit IE. I followed
    your instructions and proved that I had a 64 bit edition, but didn't see
    anything in the 'background." How do I throw the switch? All I get every
    time I want to watch an MSN or CNN video is that I need to download the most
    recent version of Adobe Flash, then when I try to download it, it get the
    message that I can't because it isn't developed yet.
    So, how do you cross that river?

    Don Cleveland
    Don Cleveland, Sep 12, 2008
  16. msnews.microsoft.com

    Drew Guest

    Right-click whatever shortcut you are using to launch IE and in the Target:
    edit field fill in the path to the 32-bit IE typically: "C:\Program Files
    (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe". Press OK. Now you should be using
    the correct one.

    Drew, Sep 12, 2008
  17. msnews.microsoft.com

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, Drew.

    No, the 32-bit (x86) version of IE is the one that runs BY DEFAULT, even in
    64-bit Vista.

    Even though Don (and everybody else with 64-bit Windows) has the 64-bit IE
    available, there's no default icon to run it and most users never see it or
    even know it's there. To run it, we have to insist by right-clicking the
    shortcut, as you said, and DELETE the (x86) so that the path goes to
    C:\Program Files (NOT x86), which is where all the 64-bit applications

    This "x86" nonsense started with WinXP x64 about 4 years ago. It would have
    made so much more sense for Microsoft to have continued to use "Program
    Files" for 32-bit programs and created a new "Program Files (x64)". But
    BillG forgot to ask me. :>(

    R. C. White, CPA
    San Marcos, TX

    Microsoft Windows MVP
    (Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)
    R. C. White, Sep 12, 2008
  18. When I click on the Start button and then All Programs up near the top of
    the menu I see Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer (64-bit). This is on
    Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I don't remember for sure but I think both appeared
    there since I installed.

    Chris Saunders
    Chris Saunders, Sep 13, 2008
  19. msnews.microsoft.com

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, Chris.

    Yes, both are there in my All Programs, too. I think the 64-bit might have
    been added to the All Programs menu in SP1. The default "pinned" to the
    Start menu is still 32-bit, though, even in 64-bit Vista. And that's what
    we get when we click the big blue "e" icon.

    Right-click on each of the two versions and then click Properties. The only
    difference I can see is the (x86) in the pathname for the 32-bit version.

    I'm running the IE8 beta 2 now, so I may not be seeing exactly what I would
    see with IE7.

    R. C. White, CPA
    San Marcos, TX

    Microsoft Windows MVP
    (Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)
    R. C. White, Sep 13, 2008
  20. msnews.microsoft.com

    Liza Guest

    I spent 2 hours on the phone with India yesterday to no avail in solving
    this same problem. Your knowledge was priceless to me and I so appreciate
    that you were willing to share such a simple solution. Thank you so much.
    Liza, Oct 5, 2008
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