First Optical Disc Recorder Able to Record and Playback Blu-Ray, DVD & CD Formats. (NEWS)

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    Zoran's Generation9 High-Definition Display Processor Drives Samsung's
    Blu-Ray Disc Recorder (14/2/2005)

    First Optical Disc Recorder Able to Record and Playback Blu-Ray, DVD &
    CD Formats

    Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ:ZRAN) announced that its Generation9
    integrated high definition display processor powers Samsung
    Electronics' Blu-Ray Disc (BD-R1000) recorder that is the first to
    record and playback Blu-Ray, DVD and CD formats with a single optical

    "The blu-ray disc is the next-generation optical storage format that
    ensures greater precision and higher picture clarity than the current
    generation digital versatile disc (DVD). We selected Zoran's
    Generation9 solution to provide the highest quality audio and video
    performance for consumers purchasing our new Blu-Ray Disc recorders
    and we've found Zoran's development support helps us to quickly bring
    new models to market," said Mr. Y.S. Park, vice president engineering,
    at Samsung Electronics' Digital Video System Division.

    "Samsung's significant strength in the consumer electronics market
    means that many consumers will be able to experience the benefits of
    Blu-Ray disc recorders this year. We are pleased to support our long
    term partner Samsung in delivering the first optical disc recorder
    that can record and playback DVDs and CDs as well as the Blu-Ray
    format, " said Ram Ofir, senior vice president and general manager at
    Zoran's digital television division.

    Samsung announced the release of the BD-R1000 recorder last month and
    stated that consumers will be able to record and edit up to 12 hours
    of high-definition TV broadcasts onto the 23-gigabyte blu-ray disc.

    The BD-R1000 maintains high picture and sound quality by directly
    recording digital signals avoiding the degradation of picture clarity
    inevitable in recording high-definition video content with existing
    video cassette recorders and DVD recorders because they convert
    digital signals into analog signals.

    Zoran's Generation9 family of integrated DTV system solutions include
    ICs, software, and development platforms that provide the main video,
    audio, graphics and data management capabilities for a variety of
    digital consumer electronics products, including integrated digital
    televisions, high definition and multi-standard definition set-top
    boxes, personal video recorders, digital video recorders, and home
    media servers. Products based on Generation9 support industry
    standards such as ATSC, OpenCable, ARIB, DirecTV, DVB and others.

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    Allan, Feb 15, 2005
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