Firfox v1 - any way to show icons of one's preference in PTF (regardless of what is or is not in cac

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by S.Rodgers, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. S.Rodgers

    S.Rodgers Guest

    This is the only thing in FF that I haven't been able to fix.
    Recently upgraded to v1 so hoping that v0.9 problem has a solution.
    Icons only appear in the Personal Toolbar file when in cache - similar
    to IE's problem of icons only appearing for a while in the Temporary
    Internet Files folder. In IE, just pointed the shortcut to a saved
    ICO file.

    How we can do something similar in FF? The icons seem to keep
    flickering on and off. Also, having them all the same generic icon
    makes it just that much more annoying to find the one to click on. In
    IE, in order to fit as many into the Links toolbar as possible, have
    only a letter to tell what the icon is for. Since the icon is what
    the eye goes to, all of this was never a problem in IE. Now I am
    _not_ an IE fan, but must admit that this whole thing is easier to
    handle there.

    S.Rodgers, Mar 13, 2005
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  2. S.Rodgers

    Roland Guest

    Type about:config in the address bar, and make sure that both preferences
    are set to true.

    For Mozilla Suite there's also the integer preference
    but I don't know if it has any effect in Firefox.
    Of course you could set it in Firefox (or create it if it's not in the
    about:config list).
    The values have the following meaning for Mozilla Suite:
    // 0 - No
    // 1 - Show icons only if they're cached
    // 2 - Always show icons
    // Default: 0

    Roland de Ruiter
    ___ ___
    /__/ w_/ /__/
    / \ /_/ / \
    Roland, Mar 13, 2005
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  3. S.Rodgers

    S.Rodgers Guest


    The above has been done. But not all icons are showing still. I'm
    guessing that maybe it's the fault of how the icons are set up on each
    website? Or something of that sort?

    For the ones that still don't have an icon, is there any way to
    manually put a path to a saved icon, like in IE? That's what I really
    need, actually. Because otherwise, every single time I do an OS
    wipe/reinstall, I'll sometimes get some icons and sometimes not get
    other icons. Too uncertain for my taste.

    Anyone know?

    S.Rodgers, Apr 5, 2005
  4. S.Rodgers

    S.Rodgers Guest

    FINALLY, after such a long time looking someone finally knew the

    Favicon picker:

    It works perfectly for those of us who came over from IE and depended
    heavily on our Links toolbar! <g>
    S.Rodgers, May 5, 2005
  5. S.Rodgers

    Splibbilla Guest

    it's a littel annoying because it looks in the TIF (temporary internet files) for icons (as well as i recall), and you have to lead it to
    your storage folder for icons.

    btw, a fast way to get icons is to use favorg 1.4 on your favorite favorites (links folder, usually). it grabs favicon.ico and dumps
    then in data folder.

    then copy the favorg data folder to permanent folder near the TIF.
    now you can direct faviconpicker to this nearby folder.

    finally , reset favorg data location (in favorg.ini) to your new fodler, so any new favorg grabs are in that nearby folder.
    Splibbilla, May 12, 2005
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