firefox1.06 and roboform

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Doctor John, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Doctor John

    Doctor John Guest

    I'm new to this group so forgive me if you have already had a thread on this
    subject. I upgraded from firefox 1.0 to 1.06 and immediately had problems
    using Roboform. So I upgraded Roboform, and got an"unsupported browser"
    message. After trying manually installing the Roboform for firefox xpi file
    and reading anything I could find on the internet about this problem, and
    trying every solution posted, I finally completely removed all traces of
    firefox and reinstalled it along with Roboform. ARGGGGGG! Same problem.
    Any help would be appreciated

    Doctor John, Sep 14, 2005
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  2. Doctor John

    SteveG Guest

    Hi John,

    There's a version of Roboform for FF 1.06 on their web site. Unlike
    previous versions it now installs as a FF extension. Use the FF
    extension installation routine and it should work okay.

    SteveG, Sep 14, 2005
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  3. Doctor John

    Doctor John Guest

    I think I already tried this in two different ways - one was a
    roboform-mozilla-adaptor.exe file for ff 1.06 and the other was a manual
    install of the xpi file. I looked on the roboform site and couldn't find
    anything else. I appreciate any help and suggestions.

    Doctor John, Sep 15, 2005
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