Firefox window blows up to more than screen size covering all

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Jim, May 31, 2005.

  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Just had this happen to move in one of two windows that was open. I
    couldn't resize it because I don't know the shortcut (if any) and the
    tool bars were above the top of the screen, more than covering an HP
    tool bar that normally acts as a boundary for all programs opening
    windows. And the bottom covered up the task bar. The other window
    that was open was fine and I closed the program from the file menu.

    Has anyone else ever observed this?
    Jim, May 31, 2005
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  2. Jim

    Moz Champion Guest

    What exactly do you mean by 'move in' ? Zoom?
    Undo the Zoom (or enlargement) to get the page back to 'normal' size and
    you can have the toolbars back in view
    Moz Champion, Jun 1, 2005
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  3. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I'm sorry.... should have said "...happen to me..."

    I don't see any keyboard shortcut in Firefox help for zooming and I"m
    not aware of a windows shortcut to do that, after looking a couple
    places, including Firefox help and some web sites with keyboard
    shortcut.. If there is one, I must have inadvertently hit that key
    combination somehow. Could someone enlighten me to what that is?

    I normally open all my browser winds to full screen size, which is,
    vertically, bounded by the HP center tool bar and the windows task
    bar. All programs I use in full window mode open this way. My task
    bar is set to cover any window that extends into its territory.
    So...even if I was zooming it should NOT have covered the task bar,
    and I have never had anything cover the HP tool bar before either.

    Jim, Jun 1, 2005
  4. Jim

    Moz Champion Guest

    Try the menu item
    View-->Full Screen

    its a toggle switch. If not in full screen mode it moves it there (which
    may be your 'move in'), if the view is already in full screen, then it
    would return it to the 'normal view'

    Full screen means full screen, it doesnt mean up to exant tool bars or
    such, it means exactly what it says.
    A key press for Windows is
    Full Screen (toggle) F11 F11 (may depend on window manager)

    so if you inadvertantly hit F11 and the page goes to full screen, then
    simply hit F11 to return it to normal
    Note that this key press may depend on the windows manager, so it may be
    another keypress in your exact case (if you have remapped the windows
    manager keys). But the menu item (View-->Full Screen) will suffice to
    toggle the setting to the 'normal' view in any case

    An 'add-on' toolbar such as the HP one may be overwritten by Full
    Screen, as its not part and parcel of the 'Windows' program but rather a
    modification of.
    Moz Champion, Jun 1, 2005
  5. Jim

    Jim Guest

    O.K. Thanks much. that's probably what I did to get it there. When
    it is there is no view menu visible: The personal toolbar and the
    File, Edit, View, etc menu disappear. But the little toggle view
    icon in the upper right is there, having moved down to be in line with
    the URL, etc line. Odd that it would work that way but I guess maybe
    there's keyboard short cuts for almost everything you would want to
    access from the File, Edit, .. menu.

    Regarding your last sentence, why would Firefox overwrite the basic
    windows task bar which has "keep the taskbar" on top checked and
    "autohide unchecked."?

    Jim, Jun 1, 2005
  6. Jim

    Moz Champion Guest

    We are not even sure at this point whether it was Firefox that did it.
    that 'toggle view' icon is foreign to me.
    It may be some other program or windows extension that is doing this.

    Try the View-->Full Screen menu item, does it result in the same thing?
    Then use the 'toggle view' to regain it, if it doesnt do the same thing,
    then its something else in your windows system thats doing it.
    Moz Champion, Jun 1, 2005
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