Firefox user share continues to grow.....

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by steve, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. steve

    steve Guest

    Firefox Eats More Microsoft Market Share
    March 18, 2005

    Market share for the open-source Mozilla Firefox climbed above 6% in
    February, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer share dropped below 90%.

    By Thomas Claburn

    Firefox continues to steal market share from Microsoft Internet
    Explorer, according to Net Applications, a maker of Web-monitoring
    software. According to the company's February figures, use of Firefox
    rose to 6.17% from 5.59% in January.

    Firefox's gain comes at the expense of Internet Explorer, which dropped
    to 89.04% market share, from 90.31% in December. Net Applications
    reports that other browsers maintained their user base.

    "Firefox is currently the only browser that is increasing market share
    on a monthly basis, and it is growing at the direct expense of
    Microsoft's Internet Explorer," Net Applications CEO Dan Shapero said in
    a statement.

    Microsoft is taking steps to stanch defections. Last month in San
    Francisco at the RSA Conference, Bill Gates said Internet Explorer 7.0
    will be released in beta form this summer. The company claims its
    updated browser will offer better protections against phishing,
    malicious software, and spyware.
    steve, Mar 20, 2005
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  2. I know that the stats for individual sites is thrown around a bit in
    these sorts of discussions, but does anyone know what mozilla.orgs stats

    I just thought that it may be interesting from a "90% of visitors who
    download mozilla do so using IE" or whatever...

    I've had a look around their site, and can't see anything, although Im
    not entirely sure where to look.
    Dave -, Mar 20, 2005
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  3. steve

    whoisthis Guest

    Yea, well on the Mac side, Microsoft lost so badly (ie they have about
    10% share) they no longer support IE.
    whoisthis, Mar 20, 2005
  4. steve

    Axle Guest

    Which confirms that the OS bundling a default browser has the biggest
    effect on browser use stats, as you would expect.
    Axle, Mar 20, 2005
  5. steve

    Rob J Guest

    Of course, the Mac has only something like 5% of the desktop market
    Rob J, Mar 20, 2005
  6. Man... Ms should sue Apple for being anti-competitive :)
    Dave -, Mar 20, 2005
  7. steve

    steve Guest

    That's not the only reason.

    Apple created the Safari web browser for MacOS Microsoft
    dropped MS IE for Mac.
    steve, Mar 20, 2005
  8. steve

    whoisthis Guest

    How, I can get Safari and dump it...easy, its not part of the OS, its an
    App that supplied with the OS.
    whoisthis, Mar 21, 2005
  9. so is IE, look up the makers of 98lite
    Dave -, Mar 21, 2005
  10. steve

    Axle Guest

    Well there is this theory that Internet Exploder is popular because its
    a better browser

    And that PCs are more popular than Macs because they are better 'puters
    Axle, Mar 21, 2005
  11. *SNIP*

    Yes, that's gotta be it. Look at the quality of its tabbed browsing,
    the popup blocking, the CSS- and PNG-compliance, the skinning, and let's
    not forget the ease with which one can install extensions.

    Matthew Poole Auckland, New Zealand
    "Veni, vidi, velcro...
    I came, I saw, I stuck around"

    My real e-mail is mattATp00leDOTnet
    Matthew Poole, Mar 21, 2005
  12. steve

    AD. Guest

    Devils advocate: Well when IE 4.0 and 5.0 first came out they were the
    better browsers.

    Oh how things have changed
    AD., Mar 21, 2005
  13. heh, there are some pr0n extensions that it installs without asking...
    it's that easy. :)
    Dave -, Mar 21, 2005
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