firefox problem with flash

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Giovanni \Darke\, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. on my firefox (both on ubuntu and on xp) i am able to fully watch some
    web pages with an account, but not with another one.

    i've been recently playing with shockwave installations.
    before of that i haven't been able to view some web pages unless with
    IETab plugin on (thing which wasn't available on linux). that's why i
    got into trying to (re)install flash.

    I don't know what i did, but thing is that i got some account into
    working, and some still into not working.

    what shall i try next? what shall i compare between the working and
    not-working accounts?

    i tried about:plugins or some plugin-check web pages but they all seem
    ok the same.

    thank you for any hint.
    Giovanni \Darke\, Feb 13, 2010
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  2. Giovanni \Darke\

    pete Guest

    I cant help, but I wanted to comment. Flash content on webpages is
    just useless garbage. I am really sick and tired of flash webpages.
    The purpose of a webpage is to offer content. Either draw a person to
    your business, product, or offer some educational content. NOT to
    create slow loading bloated crap. Sure, flash can offer some features
    not available using plain html pages, but at what price? I am finding
    more and more sites who have their entire homepage a flash page. If
    the page does not load, THEY are the loser, because they lose my
    possible purchase or whatever they have to offer. I have no problem
    with pages that have click on flash movies, but using flash as part of
    the actual page is total trash. I have a slow dialup internet
    connection, because I am not in a large city with options. Dialup is
    all I can get, unless I want to pay a fortune for satellite, which I
    do not. If I have to wait more than 2 or 3 minutes for a page to
    load, I'll pass and move on to another site. Just my 2 cents....

    pete, Mar 2, 2010
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