Firefox Pb with accents in .htm and .html files on HD

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Ron Duval, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Ron Duval

    Ron Duval Guest

    I upgraded from FF 1.0 PR to FF 1.0, and everything was OK.

    Since then, when I click on a .htm or .html on my HD with accents on
    letters of their name(like in French or German) file, Firefox does not find
    the associated file (or so rarely. Sometimes it does, when when I click
    again the same file, it does not find it).
    It is not an encoding problem. My accentuated pages from the Web look OK.

    I tested with and without any extensions, and even reinstalled FF from
    scratch . I even tested with the French version of Firefox. But when I go
    back to 1.0 PR, the problem disappears.

    Do I really have to stick to 1.0 PR ?
    My OS: W98SE
    Ron Duval, Jan 13, 2005
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