Firefox - How to get rid of Plugin Bar

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Me, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Me

    Me Guest

    I am using the latest Firefox. I do not want plugins. I do not use
    plugins, I do not want to be asked about plugins.

    Is there any way to kill that damn bar that pops up every 3rd webpage
    asking for plugins?

    The firefox people really need to add an easy way to disable some
    things like this. Like add some more items to the toolbar. Either
    that, or can someone come up with some secondary software to allow for
    more options. (Maybe that would be considered a plugin in itself, and
    is the only one that I want or need).

    I really like Firefox, except for the fact that is lacks so many
    options to take control of it.
    Me, Feb 15, 2005
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  2. Me

    Moz Champion Guest

    Well, if you dont want sound during browsing, or dont want to see flash
    animations, or dont want to view pdf documents, then yep, I guess you
    dont need plug ins then

    Firefox is one of the most configurable programs available.

    You dont want to be remineded that the page requires you to have a plug
    in to experience it as the web author designed it, well you can do that
    too. You can add lots of things to your toolbar as well, they are
    customizeable in Firefox.

    Work in the latest branches should provide you with a tool in the User
    Interface to disable plug ins totally as well, but that may be a few
    months yet.

    You may wish to review the following page, which lists some of the
    configurations you can make with Firefox.

    To disable the plug in warning, then
    using about:config
    change the plugin.display_plugin_downloader_dialog to false

    Or create/write a user.js file with the following line

    user_pref("plugin.display_plugin_downloader_dialog", false);
    Moz Champion, Feb 15, 2005
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  3. Me

    Splibbilla Guest

    Splibbilla, Feb 15, 2005
  4. Me

    Me Guest

    Actually, I could live without all of these. In fact I killed Flash
    player by deleting the files, (in both Firefox and IE), and I do my
    best to download PDF files and read them from my own harddrive, or
    they take forever to load. I am rural and can only get dialup
    internet. So, that leaves sounds, which I can live with or without.
    I know of "about:config" but I am not a computer programmer nor do I
    want to be, particularly at my advanced age. I just want Firefox to
    stop nagging me about plugins! I know the minute I touch anything in
    there I will be reinstalling something.
    Thank God !!!!
    Thanks, I looked here, but honestly, most of it is over my head.
    OK, I was armed and ready to do this.
    I went into "about:config" and there is no such line. There are a few
    others that use the word "plugin" but no exact match.
    This would be ok too, but I have no clue how to do it or where to put


    Additionally, while looking at some of the mozilla websites I came
    across a dowload that is supposed to be similar to TweakUI for
    Firefox, and enable all the things found in "about:config" in a menu.
    That sounded just like what I was looking for. I downloaded it, it
    went into my download directory, with a file called preferential.xpi.
    The documentation for it said to download it, and close all Firefox
    windows. When I restart there will be "something" there to allow me to
    use it. I did all of this, and nothing happened except that file is
    now in my download directory, (doing nothing). I clicked on it, I got
    to see all the binary junk in wordpad for windows. It's not an
    executable file, so who knows what the hell it does, other than add
    junk to fill my harddrive.

    I must say that I really like Firefox better than IE, it's less prone
    to crashing, less likely to get hit with spyware or hijacked, and I
    love the tabs. But it's major fault, aside from being slower to load
    than IE (I can live with that), is that one has to have an advanced
    defree in computer programming, with far too much time on their hands
    than I can spare, to modify anything not found in the "Tools" menu.

    I guess I will just have to keep using IE when the plugin nag bars get
    on my nerves, and instead deal with popup ads. Can't win either way !

    PS. What files does "about:config" modify. At least if I can back
    them up on a floppy I will feel better about tampering with the thing.


    Me, Feb 15, 2005
  5. When I go to about:config in FF, I don't see any such pref there either.
    However, you can add it. Right click and choose New>>Boolean.

    Preference name should be:


    Value should be false.

    Note, I have never wanted to disable the dialog, so I have never
    actually done this. I have no idea how or if it works, but if Moz
    Champion suggests it, its a pretty good bet.

    Also note, while it is very easy to add prefs in about:config, you
    cannot remove them. You can disable them by setting no value, butt they
    will still appear. Should you wish to remove them, you would have to
    edit them out of prefs.js.

    Leonidas Jones, Feb 15, 2005
  6. Me

    Me Guest

    Thanks Lee

    I think this did it unless I just missed all the sites that ask for
    plugins last evening. I should have bookmarked one of them, but
    considering I was getting them all the time, I did not hit one of
    them. Sure is nice !!! That was getting as annoying as popups.
    Me, Feb 16, 2005
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