Firefox 3.5.5. update not installing

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by BORG, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. BORG

    BORG Guest

    Every time I start FF I got a box telling me there is an update to 3.5.5
    I'm running 3.5.4 and every time it says it can not install the update.

    I'm running 64 version of Windows 7

    How to I fix this problem please ?

    BORG, Nov 12, 2009
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  2. try downloading the full program and see what happens:

    *IMPORTANT*: Sorry folks, but I cannot provide email

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    Peter Potamus & His Magic Flying Balloon:
    Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo, Nov 12, 2009
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  3. BORG

    Monty Guest

    Are you running Firefox Preloader? If so, you will have to shut it
    down before you can install the update.
    Monty, Nov 14, 2009
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