FireFox 1.5 install kills Thunderbird 1.5

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Dave_s, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Dave_s

    Dave_s Guest

    I just installed Firefox ver 1.5 and older Thunderbird 1.06 has been
    installed and running OK for some time. Firefox runs OK in this desktop
    XP PRO SP2 system with 1 GB RAM.

    On an IBM T30 Thinkpad Laptop, I just installed Thunderbird ver 1.5 and
    it seem to run OK. Then installed Firefox ver 1.5 on this XP PRO SP2
    [1GB RAM] system but Firefox won't run.
    The main error message is
    "XML Parsing error:undefined entity.
    ^"Window ID="messengerwindow"
    ----^<menuitem insertafter="pagesourceMenuitem"= label=
    "&menu_securitystatus.label; "accesskey = "&openattachment"
    --^menuitem id= "context-openattachment"
    --^commanditem = "command_undo""&openAttachmentCmd.label; " accesskey =

    XP installation is DIFFERENT on the two systems and may be significant.

    On the DESKTOP, XP is installed on the C: drive. All system files and
    WIN XP applications are under C:\PROGRAM FILES on the C:\ drive.

    On the IBM LAPTOP, there is a VERY small C:\ drive [3GB] with very few
    programs installed there and a MUCH larger D:\ drive [33GB], with ALL
    other WIN XP apps installed in D:\Program Files including Firefox and

    On the laptop, until I install Firefox 1.5, Thunderbird 1.5 runs OK.
    After I install Firefox 1.5 both Thunderbird and Firefox fail with
    similar XML error messages.

    Thank you for any help. Dave_s
    Dave_s, Mar 28, 2006
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