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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by jcat01, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. jcat01

    jcat01 Guest

    I used to be on Opera fan but since I download FF 1.0 I am very happy with
    it and am about to switch, keeping Opera as a second choice.
    My FF runs under W98 SE, and I customized it with a few extensions.
    However, some problems remain:

    1) A very nice feature in Opera is the ability to save/retrieve multiple
    pages in a so-called "session". Moreover, when Opera crashes, it gives you
    the choice to restart with a blank page, your homepage or where it hung up,
    and it retrieves your windows even if it is offline.
    Is it possible to do so in Firefox? I tested an extension names
    "SessionSaver", which has many good features, but:
    - it does not comply with rules of the Bookmark Manager of Firefox 1.0
    - it leads to some incompatility with another extension I use "TabBrowser
    Preferences": I cannot close the last window, and thus it always starts
    with the last window.
    - "SessionSaver" is quite hard to uninstall completely, although I finally
    did it.
    Solution ?

    2) As mentioned in someone else's post, impossibility to use RSS Live
    Bookmarks for my own sites. I always get the feeds for BBC, and I can't get
    rid of it.

    3) Maybe it is a Windows problem and not a Firefox one. Using TabBrowser
    preferences, I have been able to open "external" links (those you click
    from your email program for instance) in a new tab rather than in a new
    window. However, it would be nice if the focus remained on the email
    program (for example) and not be set on Firefox. How can I do this ?

    4) Does anybody know how to change the icon of Windows that Firefox appears
    with in the toolbar of Windows, or when you use the Alt+Tab Combination ?
    jcat01, Oct 4, 2004
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  2. Tab Browser Extensions gives you this, as well as Multizilla. Never use
    both of them at the same time though, and I know there are
    incompatibilities between TBE and TBP. Don't know about Multizilla,
    since I don't use it, don't even know if its available for FF.
    I'm going to play around with this when I get a chance. Try editing
    bookmarks.html with an html editor. Backup your file first though.
    No idea if TBP can do this, but TBE can. Its a massive extension, and
    some people hate it, but there are things you can do with it that you
    can't get any other way.

    This doesn't happen in XP, but is a problem in 98/ME. To get around it,
    go to your FF program folder in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox. In
    the chrome subfolder, create a subfolder called icons. IN that create
    another subfolder called default. Get a hold of the FF icon, a little
    utility called Icon Sucker will get it from firefox.exe if you can't get
    it another way. Make a copy of this icon, and name it main-window.ico.
    Place this icon in the chrome\icons\default folder.\

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 4, 2004
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  3. jcat01

    Jay Catter Guest

    I'll test TBE thoroughly as soon as I'll have prepared a test
    environment.I don't want to lose my settings with the other extensions !
    I tried to understand how it works first. But it sems I get the feeds from
    BBC even when I don't have the string "BBC" in any of the files of Firefox.
    Is there any sort of "subscription" to a site each time you click the RSS
    field, but if it were true, how can you cancel it. The way RSS works is
    very mysterious to me !
    Thank you. It did the job ! I fixed the icon of the program manager too,
    using bookmark-window.ico in the same folder.
    Jay Catter, Oct 5, 2004
  4. jcat01

    .brian. Guest

    That's strange. You don't have a bluish live-bookmark labeled 'BBC
    NEWS' anywhere in your Bookmarks list?

    As for use:

    When you click the 'RSS' icon in FF, you are shown the feeds that are
    available from the website. Click on the one you want, and it is added
    to the 'Bookmarks Folder' (or whatever bookmark location you choose).

    You can delete the feed by opening the 'Bookmarks Manager' and deleting
    the live-bookmark. You can also right-click and select 'delete' from
    the Bookmarks menu.

    To view the 'feed', open View >> Sidebar >> Bookmarks, and find the
    live-bookmark folder (ex. Slashdot, BBS, etc.) and expand it to see the
    latest 'headlines'. Or you can simply view them from the 'Bookmarks' menu.

    For ease of use, I'd recommend making a special folder such as 'RSS
    Feeds', and moving all your live-bookmarks to it. You'll also want to
    move this 'special folder' to the top of the list if you are like me,
    and have a lot of bookmarks.

    This is definitely not a very powerful tool. If this is a feature you
    are really interested in, then I'd recommend getting a stand-alone
    client or the _Sage_ extension [].

    FWIW, I'd almost rather view RSS feeds in TB than FF. I really don't
    like reading RSS feeds via FF unless it's with Sage. But that has it's
    disadvantages too; it's definitely not as easy to add a feed in TB, plus
    it just seems odd reading RSS feeds in my mail/news client.

    Hopefully some of that information helps ;-)
    .brian., Oct 6, 2004
  5. As I said in a previous response, I have not seen the default bookmarks
    in FF for quite a while, since I import my custom bookmarks. I did take
    a look at this tonight, guided by Brian's excellent post.

    To cut to the chase, and answer the OP's original question, you can't
    delete the individual listings in Latest Headlines, since they are fed
    by the RSS. That's what the OP was cleary trying to do. However, you can
    delete the entire Latest Headline's folder, and recreate it with your
    own RSS selections.

    Sorry to jump in Brian, but I thought the Cliff Notes version might help
    a little.

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 6, 2004
  6. jcat01

    Jay Catter Guest

    Everything is OK now. Thanks :)
    Jay Catter, Oct 6, 2004
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