finding email addresses of emails wrongly put in spam file

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Geopelia, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    I'm still getting emails arriving in the spam file, although I report them
    as wrongly there each time.

    I thought of putting the firms into my address book, hoping that might work,
    but I can't find their email addresses.
    Using their websites doesn't work, as it isn't a valid email address.

    How do I find out the email address that the email was sent from please?
    There must be something to click somewhere.
    I've tried everything in the Help menu that might be relevant, but no luck.

    XP, Outlook Express. Trend Micro 2010 Pro

    Thank you
    Geopelia, Jan 10, 2011
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  2. Geopelia

    PeeCee Guest

    Right click on the email
    Message Source

    Find the from field and copy the appropriate bit.

    PeeCee, Jan 10, 2011
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  3. Geopelia

    Dave Taylor Guest

    What did trend say when you told them their recent update caused the
    Dave Taylor, Jan 10, 2011
  4. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    I couldn't contact them. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to send an email.
    There is a lot of technical help, but the list of problems they have for
    people to tick don't include this.

    I've got to renew my subscription in March. They usually send a huge lot of
    instructions to follow. Perhaps that will fix the problem.
    Geopelia, Jan 10, 2011
  5. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    Thank you, I did that. Now the addresses are in the address file, perhaps
    they will get through in the Inbox, not the spam file.

    We shall see!

    Thanks for your help.
    Geopelia, Jan 10, 2011
  6. Geopelia

    Gordon Guest

    Indeed. This, We will serve you and help you in ways that do not solve your
    problem, while still taking your money, seems to be the trend these days.
    Yeah Right! Think about it this way, you can always front up with the
    maoney, anytime and they (trend) will be very interested in you. And selling
    you a product they then vanish their support to you.

    Fear and risk are not the same thing.
    Gordon, Jan 11, 2011
  7. Geopelia

    Gordon Guest

    Indeed we shall!

    I might be missing something. What is required of G's mail client
    (Microsoft's Outlook Express) is a Whitelist. I am not sure that
    this idea is "current" in 2011 but it was some moons ago.

    Outlook Express is like Geo. (and myself) not as young as we used to be.
    Times change and it is affects one.
    Gordon, Jan 11, 2011
  8. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    I've put some into the address book, but it doesn't seem to stop them coming
    in as spam.
    Back to the drawing board!
    I found how to make a Whitelist on Google, but it only allows emails from
    people on the list to get through.
    I get emails from all over the world, usually about birds, and want most of
    them, so it wouldn't be of much help.
    Geopelia, Jan 11, 2011
  9. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    Quite right. Fear is what you feel, risk is a chance you are taking.
    But you can fear taking a risk.
    Or risk feeling fear.
    Or whatever.

    Trend are very good most of the time.
    If I can't get an answer from them or on Google I ask here.

    Folks are very kind and helpful here, which is much appreciated.
    Geopelia, Jan 11, 2011
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