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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Evil T, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Evil T

    Evil T Guest

    I'm searching for a font I used a while ago in a rollover GIF but can't
    remember the name.

    I recall a web site where it asks you questions about what the fonts looks
    like and eventually gives you either the font name or a close match.

    Does anyone know what this web site may be?

    Evil T, Nov 8, 2004
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  2. This may or may not apply. If you posted a sample to a binary group or
    gave a link to an example of the font, either I or someone else could
    probably help you.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Nov 8, 2004
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  3. Evil T

    Evil T Guest

    Evil T, Nov 8, 2004
  4. Not much to go on. It looks like one of the standard monospaced
    typewriter-like fonts, e.g. Courier, etc. You might try googling for
    "monospace fonts" ... after, that is, you look around on your own Box to
    see if one of the monospaced fonts you have might fill the bill.
    Gary G. Taylor, Nov 8, 2004
  5. Evil T

    Evil T Guest


    Thanks, my own machine has been reformatted since then.

    I've removed the colouring behind it, so only the black writing is on the
    image link below.

    The font is too complicated to be courier, it's a non standard one on a
    Windows OS.
    Evil T, Nov 8, 2004

    Use the "Identify a font" link, and answer a series of quesitons that
    will narrow down the fonts to a group which may contain the one you are
    looking for.
    Blinky the Shark, Nov 9, 2004
  7. =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Nov 9, 2004
  8. I think that what you are seeing as "complexity" is only intentional
    blurring of the letters to resemble the print from a manual typewriter with
    dirty type bars, which tends to fill in the inside of letters and smudge
    their outlines. Others have pointed you in various directions which should
    prove productive; this is just a data point for you. :)
    Gary G. Taylor, Nov 9, 2004
  9. Evil T

    Evil T Guest

    That's the site!! Brilliant, thanks Blinky!! :)
    Evil T, Nov 9, 2004
  10. Evil T

    Evil T Guest

    Evil T, Nov 9, 2004
  11. Evil T

    Evil T Guest

    Thanks Gary! :)
    Evil T, Nov 9, 2004
  12. YW.
    Blinky the Shark, Nov 9, 2004
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