find out the throughput between two network nodes

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by bensonlei, May 26, 2011.

  1. bensonlei

    bensonlei Guest

    Recently, we have found the throughput between two network nodes does
    not reflect the actual WAN bandwidth:
    1. the ordered WAN link bandwidth = 10Mbits/sec
    2. found the link speed of the end point servers is around 1Mbits/sec

    Just wan to know if under no help ( no bandwidth tool -- IPERF and no
    workstation connected to the routers );

    1. how can I find out the throughput between two WAN routers ? ( based
    on only the router IOS or interface statics )

    Thanks a lot
    bensonlei, May 26, 2011
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  2. bensonlei

    Rob Guest

    It often depens a lot on the actual protocol you use between the
    endpoints, and the roundtriptime between the endpoints.

    When your roundtriptime is quite large and your protocol is inefficient,
    you will never reach high bitrates no matter what your WAN link bandwidth

    For example, when you use your WAN link to synchronize Windows roaming
    user profiles, it will always be slow.
    This is because a roaming profile is transferred as hundreds of very
    small files, and each file transfer requires several messages back and
    forth between the client and the server.

    When you want to liik at the real speed, try to use FTP to transfer a
    large file. Most FTP tools will report the achieved speed.
    Make sure the setting of TCP Window is appropriate for your bandwidth
    and roundtriptime.
    Rob, May 26, 2011
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  3. bensonlei

    bensonlei Guest

    Hi, thanks for your idea.

    But my case is :
    I tested the speed of end points ( by the tool netCPS --- copying
    100Mbytes file ), the link speed between end points across WAN link is
    round 1Mbits per second; while the link speed in LAN environment or at
    the edge router is around 10Mbits (they are expected speed ).

    So we just want to find out the root cause of the WAN environment;
    roundtrip time is perfect (1/2/4) and traceroute = (4ms)...but just do
    not know how to test the throughput between these two edge router or
    the WAN link speed like the following illustration:

    LAN1 ---EdgeRouter1 ------wan link-----EdgeRouter2-----LAN2

    Tested cases (throughput test):
    1. LAN1
    2 LAN1 - EdageRouter1
    3. LAN1 - LAN2 ( unsatisfied result )

    Cases not yet tested:
    1. EdgeRouter1 - EdgeRouter2
    2. wan link --- EdgeRouter2 ---LAN2

    If no help from the test tools nor workstations (due to EdgeRouter2
    and LAN2 are not our control area, we can only with the Routers), how
    I get and througput testing ?

    bensonlei, May 26, 2011
  4. Some routers have ttcp in IOS so you could use that. Other than that -
    if wan link is Ethernet - pull out the routers, connect workstations on
    both ends and do netcps.

    Anonymous coward, May 26, 2011
  5. bensonlei

    bensonlei Guest

    Bingo !
    Not the exact tool, but good enough !
    Thanks so much, I have verified our routers support this tool !
    bensonlei, May 27, 2011
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