Finally took OS Test... passed it!

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by jecr, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. jecr

    jecr Guest

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to share with the group the relief I feel now that I've passed
    the OS test with such a hurry. Well, I had already passed the Hardware test
    (2001 objectives) almost two years ago and I had been putting the OS off
    until now. I just found out about the deadline set by CompTIA to be able to
    still do the 'mix and match' of 2001 and 2003 objectives by the June 30th a
    couple weeks ago, so I had to do this no mater what. I guess there may be a
    lot of people in the same hurry I was.

    Procrastination... big problem...

    Anyway, 90% of my study came from reading the OS chapters, including DOS and
    DOS/Memory, and networking in Mike Meyers' All-In-One A+ Certification 4th
    Ed. book, and parcticing with the tests in the book CD. The rest was by
    doing the practice tests posted on I did all the studying
    this weekend and I was glad it all made sense as I was reading, well I've
    been on the field part time so the experince helped a lot.

    For those of you in the same situation I was, good luck. The test was
    relatively easy. Some questions included TCP/IP, POP, SMTP port numbers
    that I dont remember seeing in the book or the practice questions. The 4th
    edition of Mike's book did not include XP specific stuff, and there were
    quite a few questions about XP were I could do educated guessing... I hope I
    got them right, maybe because I passed with a 755.

    I visit this newsgroup every once in a while and find it very nice. Keep
    posting problems/solutions. I've learned a lot here.

    jecr, Jun 28, 2004
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