Finally SNL:Gilda radner DVD

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Bratboy, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Bratboy

    Bratboy Guest

    Its about dang time, she is/was my favorite of all the SNL crew. Out of
    curiosity does anyone already have the disc if so could you post the
    segments or point me to a site with such a list.
    Thanks in advance
    Bratboy, Sep 7, 2005
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  2. Bratboy

    AZ Nomad Guest

    Better yet, can somebody teach you how to open a web browser, go to
    a search site like google and enter "Gilda radner DVD"?

    in case you have a newsreader that can follow a URL.
    AZ Nomad, Sep 7, 2005
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  3. Bratboy

    Bratboy Guest

    First off your suggesting Google which I abhor but I have searched & read a
    cpl reviews. Unfortunatly other than mentioning this or that particular
    segment I've not seen an actual list which is why I asked here, don't be
    such a momo. It would figure that if someone here had bought it and it had a
    chapter card I could find out from them. Now go away if you can't offer
    something other than a smartass answer that does nothing to help. Thanks for
    your time tho and have a nice day
    Bratboy, Sep 7, 2005
  4. Bratboy

    Mr. Mike Guest

    Someone reviewing it at Amazon actually did post a list.

    The total running time of the main feature is 1 hour 32 mins. and include the
    -Disclaimer: Cousteau
    -Audience Questions
    -Nerd Prom
    -Jewess Jeans
    -Not For Ladies Only
    -Emily Litella: Violins
    -Dancing In The Dark
    -Celebrity Weightlifting
    -Roseanne: Health Clubs
    -Extremely Stupid (my favorite)
    -Candy Slice
    -Autumn Fizz
    -Lucy A-Bomb
    -Olga Korbut
    -Nerds & Milt
    -Stretch Marks
    -Emily Litella: Bitch
    -Soup Commercial
    -Rhonda Weis
    -Roseanne: Bo Derek
    -La Dolce Gilda
    -Slumber Party
    -Hey You

    The extras include:
    -her original screen test for SNL (3:26)
    -a photo gallery
    -a Rolling Stone article by Roy Blount Jr. from November 2, 1978
    -a TV interview with Tom Snyder on "The Tomorrow Show" (18:27)
    -a TV interview with Jane Pauley from "The Today Show" (6:14)
    -fellow SNL cast & crew remember Gilda on "An Inside Look" (19:07)
    Mr. Mike, Sep 11, 2005
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