File and print sharing via access point?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by George Mck 416571, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. I have what I think is a typical home network. Cable modem, access point,
    and wireless router combination (Motorola SBG900). All computers connect
    perfectly to the internet and can be individually turned off or on. But I
    cannot seem to figure out how to get file and print sharing to work. (I
    have one computer A that "sees" and prints to computer B; but not the other
    way around? Scanning for shared files/printers yields various error
    I feel sure I just am doing something wrong but cannot find a good
    description of how to set things up. (Network wizard keeps wanting to set
    up a host?) Can anyone help, or point me to the right instructions?
    Thanks, George McKinney
    George Mck 416571, Dec 9, 2004
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  2. George Mck 416571

    Malke Guest

    You haven't told us what operating systems you are running. That does
    make a difference, but here are some checkpoints:

    1. All computers should be using Client for Microsoft Networks.
    1a. Usually you only want TCP/IP as a network protocol.
    2. All computers should be in the same Workgroup (for ease of use).
    3. Make identical user accounts/passwords on all computers.
    4. Make sure that the lan IP range is entered as Trusted in whatever
    firewall you are using.
    5. Share out desired resources and set permissions (Everyone) as

    In addition to the above, here is a network troubleshooter by MVP Hans
    Georg-Michna. After you've done the simple checkpoints above, if you
    still have trouble run through his troubleshooter. If you need more
    help, post back to this thread with the results from the

    Malke, Dec 10, 2004
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  3. Thanks for the reply. All computers are XP SP2 (some Home others Pro).
    You write: "In addition to the above, here is a network troubleshooter by
    MVP Hans
    Georg-Michna." but I cannot find link for that.

    Problem may be your item "3. Make identical user accounts/passwords on all
    computers." I Never heard of that; real question: where is this all spelled
    Thanks for your reply,
    George Mck 416571, Dec 10, 2004
  4. George Mck 416571

    Jack Guest

    Jack, Dec 10, 2004
  5. George Mck 416571

    Malke Guest

    Sorry. I apparently neglected to give you the link. Here it is:

    The problem of networking between XP Home and Pro is that Home has
    simple sharing enabled; Pro can have it disabled. Make sure all
    machines match. If there are not a lot of machines in a Workgroup
    setting, it is easiest to just create identical user accounts and
    passwords on all machines and then you don't have to worry about guest
    being enabled. This is particularly important in an mixed os network
    (like mine, which has lots of machines running different operating
    systems) because while XP uses "forceguest", other os's do not (and
    having guest enabled is a security hole). For instance, if I have
    created the account "malke" with "password" on all the machines on my
    home lan, then when I want to get a file from my son's computer, even
    though I'm not logged onto his computer it sees that the request from
    "malke" is legitimate because it authenticates "malke" as someone who
    has permission to access its resources.

    Here are some other links to help you: (Home)

    Malke, Dec 10, 2004
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