Figuring out ISO settings in Auto ISO mode

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Salem Derisavi, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I bought a Canon A70 camera a few days ago and I'm now doing some
    experiments to figure out the different settings than makes a picture come
    out well in different lightings and situations. Now this is my question:
    When I set the mode to AUTO and take a picture, I can't figure out, for
    example, the ISO settings that the camera used when taking the picture. I'm
    using ACDSee to view the photos properties (metadata) that's stored in the
    JPEG file. In the case of using "AUTO" mode I see the value of ISO property
    set just to "AUTO" and if I use a manual mode (other than AUTO mode) I can
    get the ISO number.

    I would appreciate it if somebody can explain whether it's possible at all
    (and if it's how) to extract such information in the AUTO mode.

    Salem Derisavi, Sep 28, 2003
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  2. Here, look this over:

    It won't answer your question, because apparently nobody can. This particular
    forum is for the G3, but I'm sure your camera has its own forum there, and the
    topic is likely to be identical.
    Robert A. Barr, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. Salem Derisavi

    Todd Walker Guest

    No it isn't. When Canon cameras are set for auto ISO, "auto" is all
    that's shown in the EXIF.

    Todd Walker
    Canon 10D:
    My Digital Photography Weblog:
    Todd Walker, Sep 29, 2003
  4. That's interesting. My D100 shows the actual ISO used when I run in
    AUTO mode.
    Andrew McDonald, Sep 29, 2003
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