Fdisk Format Question - FSInfoSector

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Add Subtract, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Add Subtract

    Add Subtract Guest


    I'm a newbie to using Fdisk/Format. Here is my setup:

    Windows ME
    Primary disk: called C:\ 30 GB (one partition)
    Secondary disk: called D:\ 60 GB (one big partition)

    Lately they've both been causing me some problems and I thought maybe
    I'd fdisk/format the D:\ drive. I just used the HP Recovery disks to
    reformat/reinstall everything on the C: drive.

    Do I need to delete the partition or logical DOS drive first or can I
    just fdisk/format over the top since it's one big 60 GB partition?

    Also, would a much less drastic approach be to just try to format it
    first, without doing the fdisk?

    The problems I'm having have been my scandisk.log showing problems with
    the FSInfoSector on either or both of the drives.

    While scandisk corrects the problems, it's annoying and only started
    happening a few months ago. I'm so used to my computer flying along
    error free!

    I tried troubleshooting for improper shutdown issues, startup issues,
    etc to no avail. No virus problems (used F-port for DOS)

    Just a problem with FSInfoSector which I couldn't find out much about
    using Google.

    I assume it's a corrupt FAT32 system or corrupt MBR and I'm assuming
    this can be corrected by using fdisk/format - right ? LOL

    I know, I shouldn't assume LOL!

    Anything I can try that is less drastic? My D:\ drive is sitting empty
    having backed up all my data...

    Any help or advice is welcome, so is email!

    Thank you,

    A. Subtract


    Add Subtract, Jul 7, 2003
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  2. Add Subtract

    °Mike° Guest

    When the scandisk log reports errors with FSInfoSector, you
    can be almost certain that the cause is the computer being
    shut down incorrectly, and the FSInfoSector (which holds
    file system information) becomes corrupt. Be sure that
    you always shut down properly.

    As far as fdisk is concerned, there is no need to, unless you
    wish to create more partitions. Just format.
    °Mike°, Jul 7, 2003
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  3. Add Subtract

    ilmc Guest

    What problem? They may invalidate any suggestions I might give.
    Formating the driveshould do.
    Why has this started to give you problems?
    This could be a worry - is the HD failing?
    Some HD manufacturers have diagnostic utilities for download
    If you have _mirrorred_ all of c: to d:, then change the drive jumpers, make
    your old d: into c:, and toss old c:
    ilmc, Jul 7, 2003
  4. Add Subtract

    ilmc Guest

    ....But Mike has more experience than me
    ilmc, Jul 7, 2003
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