FCC auction trick,Neocons and Chiquita,Radiation and Intelligence Contracts

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by fusion, Aug 3, 2007.

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    in my humble opinion and pardon my grammar , it's about who will
    control the Justice Dpt. and the FBI, that's what is all about...

    1) S. Schumer and R. Emanuel were all day in 2002 and 2003 on TV
    to go to Iraq ,warning about nuclear and biological bombs landing in
    the USA,
    and now they pose as anti-surge and anti-war, so they need to take
    control of the AG offices and make sure they dont get the blame for
    the disaster , what a pack of neocon liars ! and where is
    Feith,Perle,Zakheim, Rosen, Abrams, Fleischer,Lantos, etc.,that were
    all day
    demanding to attack Iraq ? where are they gone ?

    2) to see neocon activity , read the Washington Post,August ,2,2007:"
    Chiquita executives told Michael Chertoff in April,2003 that the
    company was paying protection money , but since the Company was owned
    by neocon friends of Chertoff, at the time Ass.Att.Gen., and it was a
    huge cash-cow for certain powerful neocons, Chertoff didn't do
    anything, the Company was also used to pay Lobby's in D.C. and
    Political Contributions , so it was ok to do hanky-panky with
    terrorists and gangsters, because it was good for the neocons, this
    a little sample of dual standards , dual Laws, the neocons got theirs
    and you,i and any one else in America got the Rule of Law,isn't
    wonderful? ....and the Congress will not do anything ! ,if you or i
    any one else in the USA do that, they go to jail for complicity, but
    hey ! the Rule of Law don't apply to neocons,just gentiles !

    3) another friend of Chertoff is Stuart Levey in Treasury, he and
    Solomon and other neocons ,with the excuse of checking on terrorists
    bank accounts using SWIFTand other international networks to check,
    peek in everybody's bank accounts to se what we do, check on good
    business ideas ,export-import methods , internet and electronic
    processes, good selling formulas , etc.,and ......, you know !they
    neocons ! ......one day we are going to have honest FBI and
    Interpol,etc.,investigators tracking these neocons doings and
    and we will see action and real Rule of Law !

    and another very important article ,WashingtonPost,Aug,1,97: "
    RADIATION -MONITOR STUDY SOUGHT" ,we learn that Michael Chertoff
    approved a radiation monitoring devices program worth 1.2 billion ,
    and later the http://www.gao.gov/ found out that the devices work
    only in 50% of the cases and get distracted with many harmless
    signals,a dodo,so now ,according to the article, the same Chertoff is
    going to Congress saying :we need an independent study.... to
    investigate my dodo so I can blame anyone! ...( isn't wonderful to be
    a powerful neocon so that no matter the criminal incompetence, i can
    blame anyone but myself ?) .....i hope someone ( the great WPost ?)
    investigates who really got the 1.2 billion contract?,why?,who
    approved it ? what is the link between the contractors and
    Chertoff? ,why is Chertoff still there dooling out incompetent

    4) another very important article is in the WSJ ,July,31,2007:"
    facts : the US Investigation on Food for Oil in the U.N. run by
    Volcker was a farce, the main oil for money with Saddam Hussein
    was Marc Rich and his multiple companies,specially Glencore
    International and XStrata, where he got a secret share, he made
    billions with them, and they sold and corner markets of oil, metals,
    defense, you name it, they traded everything for all for money, but
    Volcker and his partner Senator Coleman , ultra neocons, attacked
    Kofi Annan and the UN,without telling the truth about his friends
    Rich and Glasenberg in the above companies, another farce paid by
    your taxes , shame !

    5) another key explanation about the size and cost of the Baghdad
    Green Zone Embassy and others in the area is in an article in the
    Washington Post, July 28,07: " 2 BRITISH FIRMS ARE FINALISTS FOR US
    JOB IN IRAQ ", where we learn that 2 british firms are the top
    for a 475 million dollar US Army Intelligence and Security Contract,
    the US Army is outsourcing its intelligence and security !!!! , its
    absurd ! ...... the decision is being made at the Joint Contracting
    Command Iraq/Afghanistan in Baghdad, THERE IS WHERE THE ACTION GOES
    BREAD !

    but as long as the neocon team of Edelman-Whitman in Defense, Kramer
    in State,
    Bodman and Friedman in Energy , Bolten-Kellner-Kaplan-Wurmser in the
    White House and Lieberman-Bloomberg as"independents", Schumer-
    Feinstein as Democrats and Specter and Giuliani ( and her wife the
    Leader of the Woman Of Israel Group) as Republicans,work together for
    the AIPAC-Neocon Lobby with Oil Money ,there will be no change, no
    in sight, no peace and no stopping the build -up in Iraq, they play
    all political groups and there will be no change, Bloomberg will
    in the W.H. as VP and the same s------ will go on, the American
    Taxpayers are too innocent to see the lies, as longh as we have
    Congressmen like Cardin, Wiener,Israel, etc., screaming against
    selling weapons to Saudi Arabia while insisting on giving Israel 30
    40 billion dollars and Egypt 10 to20 billion in Military Aid, a
    gift !,, countries that never worked here or paid taxes,there will be
    no peace and no change, just more dead USA soldiers and more USA
    going nowhere !

    and now these neocons above mentioned got the neocon Miliband
    Brothers in
    the Brown Cabinet in London, they got neocon Sarkozy-Kouchner-
    StraussKahn in
    Paris and the media group of Haim Saban-Prosieben in Germany, they
    work with Military precision for their Faith and Army, the Army of
    Israel, while the christians can't even find a cause ! all these
    neocons work like teamwork, they are moving in for the kill, they got
    Bernanke in Fed and Rubin in Citi and in the Clinton campaign, they
    got all the corners , and just in case Murdoch took over the WSJ to
    direct financial traffic, amazing ! and the christians talking about
    the game,the players and the pizza ! what a pack of fools my
    team is !

    the US Bases should be places to link the USA Culture to the world,
    link the USA Constitution to all groups, so they can see the options,
    the US Bases should show the world good food, hydrogen and electric
    cars and trucks, great portable computers to work and play,
    desalination units, solar panels and concentrators, http://www.fuelcells.org/
    , wind and water turbines, geothermal systems, E-85 and biodiesel
    motors, robots to lift instead of watching contractors like Ingersoll
    Rand taking Bobcat to Bermuda to avoid taxes and now selling to
    the Bases should show the good USA stuff, instead they see junk
    foods,waste, garbage, video rentals, huge SUV shooting at them,
    bully's with an attitude on steroids/hormone overdoses and
    incompetence, not a pretty picture,and with your taxes ! ,time to
    change the formula !

    and by the way, the inner cities in the USA are awash in
    cheap,potent heroin,and the only ones that can go back and forth from
    and to Iraq and Afghanistan and with total clearence are the Military
    Contractors to and from the bases, there is good and bad
    everywhere ....

    the http://www.fcc.gov/ auctions of the very important 700 Mhz band
    spectrum can have a huge leak: if the first auction does not reach the
    minimum of 4.6 billion dollars, they auction again the spectrum but
    without the open network guidelines,so the big Cable-Telco Duopoly
    ( Comcast-Verizon-etc.) can and will push to derail the first auction
    to go on to the second one without any conditions and monopolize the
    whole spectrum,as usual !!!....this is the last chance for kids and
    adults to have the wireless space to open new businesses like
    Apple's, Microsoft,Google,AOL,Netscape, Linux, etc. , options of this
    magnitude in the wireless world ,this is the last chance , SPEAK
    UP !!!!!

    to Scardino of The Financial Times,to Reuters,to Business Week ,etc.:
    like many others
    since i won't buy the WSJ anymore,i have some extra money to spend on
    serious financial news, quality global markets news, please let us
    know ....

    we need new leadership , new ideas, no more neocons dress like
    democrats or republicans,just honest americans....we need paper trail
    and secure voting software, ideally the team for '08 would have all
    kinds: Obama , Edwards, Huckabee, Tomy Thompson , Kucinich ,
    Paul ,Gravel and Richardson and even Clinton without her neocons , in
    any order , a healthy mix to save America and the world, why not get
    together right now ?
    fusion, Aug 3, 2007
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