Fax to the desktop solutions to integrate with Mitel 3300

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by hal, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. hal

    hal Guest

    So we are on the verge of purchasing a 3300 for our new office
    building, and asked our Mitel vendor about fax solutions. What they
    said has me wondering about their competence. They claim you need a
    standalone 3rd party server (they recommend Castell) with either
    analog or T-1 trunk interfaces through which the Mitel forwards calls
    to fax numbers for the fax server to answer then forward the message
    to the Exchange server for inputting into Outlook inbox. They said
    Mitel is coming out with a unified messaging but cannot fax out yet.
    This seems completely bogus to me. An IP device accepts calls on the
    PSTN TDM trunks, extracts the call data string, and forwards the
    packets to an IP device sitting on your desktop. Why the heck can't
    it detect a fax and forward that directly to Exchange via SMTP? It
    seems this would be ridiculously simple to do in software. I can't
    believe we need T-1 interfaces between the Mitel and fax server. Can
    anyone explain this, or give recommendations on how they are doing it?
    We do need to be able to fax out from the desktop as well as receive
    faxes to their Exchange inbox.


    hal, Jan 27, 2005
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  2. hal

    Ian Guest

    Oh if life was as simple as you see it. and IP protocols were all the same.
    read up on T38 firstly, Then read the technical build of a 3300 . Yes it
    will be coming along soon but at the moment the fax needs to stay on the TDM
    side of the e2t bridge.
    The rason for T1 is it will give you the 24 channels and also the call will
    stay the right side of the e2t rember fax is NOT ip its a stream or 0s and
    1s and its also serial so if you loose a bit you are in trouble.
    so resampling it to put through codecs causes many problems.

    Ian, Jan 29, 2005
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