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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Rich, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    I've passed two of the MCSD.NET exams so far (70-229, 70-
    300) and have not spent any money on practice exams
    (except for those really cheesy ones that come with the
    study guides). Newsgroup comments I've read make it seem
    questionable whether an old tightwad like me would really
    find them to be worth the money. From comments I've seen,
    it seems like people who have used Trancender feel like
    they are the best...but they seem to be about the most
    expensive, as well. Evidently, you get what you pay for,
    as with most things.

    The price for Transcender exams for the four CORE MCSD.NET
    tests is almost the same as taking four exams (likely more
    than a coincidence). It almost seems like you might as
    well take the exams for $125 a throw and treat it like a
    practice exam. Once you know what you're dealing with,
    then you know what to study. And, with some preparation,
    you oughta be able to pass one or two the first
    time...then you'd even come out ahead.

    It seems like you can spend some bucks on this stuff, not
    knowing whether what you are buying is really pertinent.
    The main reason I haven't bought practice exams is that I
    don't know who to trust.

    I would like any responses, feedback, comments that anyone
    would like to share on the following questions:

    1 - What practice exams are really a realistic
    representation of the actual cert exams?

    2 - How much time is it worthwhile to spend on practice
    exams, as opposed to just learning the relevant material?

    3 - Certification should be about mastering a skill - If
    you know VB or C#, etc. you should be ready and able to
    deal with whatever they throw at you in the exam. Or am I
    just being too idealistic?
    Rich, Sep 4, 2003
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  2. Rich

    Guest Guest

    Transcenders are very good, I've found, but I like the
    exams in the Exam Cram books too. The web services/vb
    book was very strong and covered some stuff on the exam
    that Transcender didn't focus much on.
    The advantage of owning the simulated test is that you
    can return to the difficult questions as often as you'd
    like. You can't do this with the real exams; you can only
    rely on memory.
    Guest, Sep 4, 2003
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  3. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Thanks for all the invaluable insights....I especially
    liked the part about Tiger Woods.

    Yeah, I must be smarter than I sounded 'cause I had
    already figured out all by myself that you have to prepare
    for these exams. The question is what is the most time-
    efficient and cost-efficient way to do that.

    What you're telling me is that you invested time and money
    into Trancender exams yet you likely would have passed the
    exams anyway. If, as you say, certificaton is only part of
    the learning experience, then wouldn't that time and money
    be better spent on learning something you didn't already
    Rich, Sep 5, 2003
  4. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Good point about owning the exams and being able to refer
    back to questions you missed, etc.

    But the question still remains: How do you know that the
    questions on the Transcender Exam (or any sample exam)
    really relates to what the test is all about? What means
    do these guys have of giving you a sample exam that
    comprehensively reflects the real exam? You said
    yourself, there were areas the Transcender exam didn't
    focus on very much...so is it really, in any way, a useful
    model of the exam?

    I went through the sample test that came with the Exam
    Cram book for 70-300 - total trash. No reflection, by the
    way on the Exam Cram Authors - the test was from some
    third party (Pro Logic, or something). That thing had
    nothing to do with the real exam...pretty much a waste of

    You guys are convincing me more and more that the best
    thing to do is just learn the stuff - the tests (with
    limnited exceptions) are about problem-solving...if you
    know the language, if you understand good design, if you
    have some experience, you'll be able to think through the
    Rich, Sep 5, 2003
  5. Rich

    Kyle Guest

    I always want to learn something new.

    And yes, I'm working on Oracle OCP ...
    Kyle, Sep 6, 2003
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