Faster CF card for Kodak DC215 for less latency?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jonathan Berry, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. I am a fairly happy user of a 4 or 5 -year-old Kodak
    DC215 1.1-megapixel digital camera.

    It has a 128 MB SimpleTech "Digital Media" CF card,
    which holds over 400 exposures at maximum resolution
    (the camera compresses the jpg images).
    I presume this is a 1x card, nothing to indicate

    Between photos, flash off, I must tap my toes for
    about 6 seconds. Would I get better performance (less
    latency) by using a 4x or higher CF card? If so,
    at what x level would performance improvement tail off?

    I am NOT interested in the question of how long it
    takes to DL the pics to my computer. That is plenty
    fast for me.

    Jonathan Berry, Sep 18, 2004
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  2. Jonathan Berry

    Ron Hunter Guest

    On a camera that old, you probably won't see a difference between that
    card and the fastest one available. You might try to borrow a fast
    card, say a 40x one, to try out, but I doubt you will get anything out
    of it.
    Ron Hunter, Sep 18, 2004
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