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Discussion in 'Broadband' started by BJH, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. BJH

    BJH Guest


    About a month ago I was connected to Demon HomeOffice 8000

    Over the last week I have been trying out the BT Speedtester which has
    consistently given the following results:

    DSL Connection Rate: 7616kbps
    IP Profile: 6500kbps
    IP Throughput: 5486kbps (varies a little from test to test)

    From my router stats I have:

    SNR Margin: 11.0
    Loop Att: 30.0

    I was interested to see this on the Demon website FAQs re 8Meg upgrades:

    "Interleaving is a technology that is designed to improve the stability of
    Broadband services, though it can impact time-dependant applications such
    as online gaming, VPN?s and voice over IP services. For this reason, we
    have chosen not to enable this feature on your Broadband service unless
    the automated systems that assess your line during the first 10 days
    decide Interleaving is required in order for your Broadband service to run

    Throughput speed aside, could my VPN connection from Home perform better if
    I have interleaving disabled? (It can be a bit of a bugger to connect
    sometimes and I get the occasional dropped connection)

    I have spoken with Demon and there is no problem, they will place an order
    with BT to disable interleaving as soon as I request it.

    Or should I leave well alone?
    BJH, Jan 10, 2007
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  2. BJH

    Spack Guest

    BJH wrote on Wed, 10 Jan 2007 11:41:29 +0000:
    Given that note from Demon that it only gets enabled if your line would be
    unstable without it, if it's enabled I'd leave it - I'd rather have a stable
    connection with the odd delayed packet than an unstable one that makes it
    practically impossible to maintain a connection.

    Spack, Jan 10, 2007
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  3. BJH

    Beck Guest

    Well from reading that, they have not actually enabled it on your line yet,
    only warning you that it may happen. I would say monitor your connection
    and see how it goes. It might be after the 10 days that interleaving is not
    actually enabled anyway.
    Beck, Jan 10, 2007
  4. That's interesting. Are you being provisioned on BT IPStream Max? If so
    Demon will set the interleaving permission when they place the order. It
    is either on ('yes'), off ('no') or automatic ('auto').

    If 'yes' is selected interleaving will be indefinitely applied to your line.

    If 'no' is selected it will never be applied to the line.

    If 'auto' is selected then it will not initially be applied to the line,
    however BT's dynamic line management systems will apply it if your line
    conditions deteriorate to the point where they see it necessary.

    AIUI this can happen at any point during the lifecycle of the product
    (it did with me) and not just the first 10 days.

    Kind Rgds,
    PlusNet Support Team, Jan 10, 2007
  5. BJH

    Jim Howes Guest

    Indeed; My line, when converted from a fixed 2272/288 to IPStream MAX was
    originally provisioned by AAISP with 'Auto' interleave.

    AIUI, Demon are provisioning all upgrades from 2272/288 to MAX with interleaving
    ON by default in 'most cases'. (The Mini-FAQ posted to this group Message-ID:
    <> states this in Q1.)
    I do not know under which circumstances they provision lines with interleaving
    'off' or 'auto'.

    My line nailed itself to 8128/448 as soon as the change went through, and was
    happily sat there for nearly a month. Then a thunderstorm happened (July 5th),
    and BT kicked in with Interleaving. When I mentioned the storm to AAISP
    support, they placed an order with BT to modify the line to 'Opt out'.

    The line rate has slowly deteriorated over the past nine months down to an
    average of 6816/448 (occasionally 7392/448 or 6240/448); which is fine, and to
    be expected when atleast nine of my near neighbours on the same BT pole have
    made the switch to ADSL from dialup; A lot more crosstalk is occurring I think.
    I may be able to get higher speeds by removing the ring wire to the extension
    socket, or by removing the extension altogether, but to be brutally honest, it
    isn't worth the bother for an extra 1.15Mbit IP throughput.

    I gather that once interleaving kicks in, it does not get turned off again, so
    one good thunderstorm, and you're stuck with it, unless you opt out.

    Jim Howes, Jan 10, 2007
  6. BJH

    Barry Guest

    Hi Jim

    Well for the first 3 or 4 days it sat quite happily at 8128 with 7.5 SNR
    and then Interleaving 'kicked in' overnight and since then its sat at
    7616 with 11.0 SNR.

    As I mentioned earlier Demon will accept my request to turn off
    interleaving but I'm not sure if it will be of any great benefit
    although their statement infers to me that my VPN connection may well be
    better for it?

    Like you I wonder if it's worth the effort?
    Barry, Jan 10, 2007
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