fast 8 port modem routers

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Marge, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Marge

    Marge Guest

    Looking for any recomendations !!
    Marge, Jan 8, 2009
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  2. Marge

    Rob Morley Guest

    Is it worth paying a premium for an 8 port router when you can get an 8
    port 10/100 switch for under a tenner or gigabit for £30?
    Rob Morley, Jan 8, 2009
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  3. Marge

    Quagmire Guest

    Is it worth paying a premium for an 8 port router when you can get an 8
    port 10/100 switch for under a tenner or gigabit for £30?

    Perhaps the original poster doesn't realise you can join them together ?
    You can have as many switches (ports) as you like all linked to a single,
    cheap router (maybe the one you already have !)
    Quagmire, Jan 8, 2009
  4. Marge

    Marge Guest

    Yes I know I can buy a switch, at the moment I have a two spare
    routers used as switchs but I would prefer one piece of hardware with
    one power supply. 3 routers, 2 used as switches gives me 9 ports but 3
    power supplies !!

    With more & more hardware being dreated with net connectivity (cameras
    etc) I asumed there would be more of a market for larger socket
    routers which would start to reduce cost?, I don't know how many 8
    port routers there are available or what cost they are thats why I
    asked(I have searched but port numbers doesn't seem to be an important
    sale criteria)

    Particularily interested in anyone who has a Gb 8 port router to get
    insight into cost & reliability.
    Marge, Jan 9, 2009
  5. Marge

    Marge Guest

    Thanks, I do think that a 16 port switch could well be my next best
    Like you said extra ports for future expansion, I agree its just the
    fact of still being another peice of hardware to power & find space

    Of the 2 best options I think No1 would be an 8 port router because
    there is enough sockets for what I need, it would be 1 piece of
    hardware with 1 power supply.
    No2 would be a 16 port switch fo future expansion.

    The homeplug is a great alternative to wireless, I found wirless
    frustrating at times, especially when my sons Wii needed system
    updates. I have wired all rooms now & each room as a very simple
    splitter which means the kids can only use 1 piece of hardware at a
    time, stops them leaving the PC on while playing on games machine,
    they have to make a choice :eek:)

    The worrying thing is that I have had no replies from anyone using an
    8 port router !
    As no-one gone one or are they all so happy with their networks that
    the never search networking groups ?
    Marge, Jan 12, 2009
  6. Marge

    PeeGee Guest

    Ok, I'll bite :) I have a cheap e-buyer 8 port 10/100 switch which does
    everything I want. Before I retired, I used similar products as
    "emergency expansion" when I looked after the network at a local school,
    again 10/100. None of the items caused problems (directly, though
    plugging a patch lead into two sockets on one cheap switch causes
    network mayhem :-( )

    Netgear 516 and 524 type switches are much better build than the
    cheapies, though I used 726 switches (24 at 10/100 plus 2 at 1000 for
    cascade) in the school - there was never a need for gigabit generally;
    fileserver access was only affected slightly at lesson change (lots of
    save data, logout, login and load data). Many of these switches have a
    management interface and you can assign sockets to different "virtual"
    networks, which are effectively like separate switches.

    You may not have a temperature problem, but fanless switches run cooler
    by design and we had switches with fans that overheated (original
    installation before I started). They also have integral PSUs whereas the
    small cheapies have wallwarts.

    Unless you want to pay a premium for gigabit, bear in mind that 100Mb
    links are far faster than current internet connections, so that is the
    bottleneck - unless you intend transferring lots of data across the
    network :) Remember also that a decent switch will be capable of
    handling multiple full speed duplex links without perceptible slow down.
    A 24 port 10/100 switch, for example, will have a 2.5Gb backplane to
    transfer data.

    Apologies if that's more than you want :)


    "Nothing should be able to load itself onto a computer without the
    knowledge or consent of the computer user. Software should also be able
    to be removed from a computer easily."
    Peter Cullen, Microsoft Chief Privacy Strategist (Computing 18 Aug 05)
    PeeGee, Jan 12, 2009
  7. Marge

    Marge Guest

    Sorry PeeGee that you feel the need to bite?
    Information is interesting but irrevelant.

    I'm simply asking for anyone who has an 8 port router to give
    Marge, Jan 13, 2009
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