fan control on toshiba sp 2100 or possibly other toshiba laptops

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, May 5, 2007.

  1. you can change the fan speed with the generic program Speedfan.
    I find 2 speeds. One inaudible, one quite loud.

    Toshiba laptops , or this one at least, has the Power management icon
    in control panel Replaced with a "toshiba power saver" icon.

    You can set the Speed to "performance" or "battery optimised"
    And the Cooling to "performance" or "battery optimised"

    For speed,
    That's fast or slow, respectively. (I find that slow yields the same
    cpu temp, so no point for me! But maybe battery lasts longer with

    For cooling,
    Performance is safest. The CPU fan goes audible/fast after it reaches
    past 50 degrees.
    At "battery optimised", the CPU fan still isn't on. I don't use that
    setting. (At one point I wondered why the fan wasn't going on)

    The CPU climbs up to 50 and idles around 50 maybe even up to 55 or
    more if the fan didn't get to the fast speed.

    Note: on my laptop, speed is under a setting called "intel speedstep
    technology". My processor is a p4 mobile (not a P4M).
    It's 1.9GHz. The intel processorfinder site shows it as low
    wattage(so low power, not that much heat). Was < 30W. As oppose to
    others that are about 80W. But i'd rather than fan didn't get audible
    at all.
    jameshanley39, May 5, 2007
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