Failover problem with Firewall Service Modul (FWSM) Catalyst 6500

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Andreas Berg, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Andreas Berg

    Andreas Berg Guest

    I have set up two FWSM in Active/Standby Failover with Stateful Failover
    and State Link in multiple context mode.
    When I enable failover, the active unit sends the configuration in
    running memory to the standby FWSM. Now my problem: all dhcp-server
    commands beginning with dhcpd address ... and dhcpd enable ... are not
    copied. If I force the standby unit to become active then DHCP-Server
    and DHCP-Relay are not working!!! Anyway, DHCP-Relay commands have been
    Even when I enter the dhcp commands again, the DHCP-Server and
    DHCP-Relay still do not work.

    Has anybody an idea how to solve the problem?

    The switches run IOS 12.2.33-SXI3 and the FWSM version 4.0(11).

    Many thanks
    Andreas Berg, Apr 22, 2010
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