failed exam 70-305

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Greg, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Greg

    Greg Guest

    Interesting... I just passed the 70-300 test despite not
    passing only passing one practice tests (71% on a
    PrepLogic test). I failed the Transcender tests
    consistently and failed a number of other test question
    segments that came with the Microsoft Press Book. And test
    from other sources (I can't remember where off hand).

    I finally convinced myself that I new the material; but
    that the test preparation materials were inconsistent, and
    sometimes inaccurate.

    I'd say the best preparation is to study from a wide range
    of subject matter, and not concentrate on one test/study
    guide. Also, following up on the reference materials
    (Exam Cram and PrepLogic gave URL and written references
    for their materials) is invaluable.
    Greg, Nov 25, 2003
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  2. Greg

    Charlie Guest


    I don't see 70-300 exam prep listed on the PrepLogic's web site.
    Charlie, Nov 25, 2003
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