Factory warranties honored from discount web vendors?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Lewis Wolfgang, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Hi Folks,

    After having my wife pawn my Oly OM2, after buying
    #4 daughter a Canon S30, after giving my Nikon 6006
    to same daughter, I'm about ready to treat myself again
    and splurge on an Oly 8080. In researching the purchase
    I ran across one pundit warning about buying Olympus
    products at less than the manufacturer suggested retail
    price lest the factory dishonor the warranty. Further,
    they might refuse to repair products even when paid

    Now, to me this sounds like a high-priced retailer trying
    to scare customers away from discounters. Does anyone have
    any experience in this context?

    Second question: Does anyone have any experience with
    usaphotonation.com? Their prices seem to be insanely low.
    Factory seconds? Rebuilds?

    Lewis Wolfgang, Jul 4, 2004
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  2. Lewis Wolfgang

    Sabineellen Guest

    Their prices seem to be insanely low.
    They seem to have some factory rebuilds on the website but they seem to clearly
    indicate in red font if the item is so, so i guess the $539 price they cite for
    the c8080 implies it is for a new item, which completely puzzles me if you
    consider that they sell the c5060 for $699. I've never seen the c8080 priced
    less than the c5060.

    The canon powershot pro1 is quite low-priced too on this site, at $545,
    whereas the canon G5 is $539. Very very strange indeed.
    Sabineellen, Jul 4, 2004
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  3. Lewis Wolfgang

    Douglas Guest

    As the robot in Lost in Space said,"Warning Will Robinson"!!! This place is
    a scam,with a capital S!They sell the Nikon D70 with lens for $949,a camera
    dealers can't keep in stock at $1299.You should do a little research like I
    did,in the photog forums.Not 1 person said they recieved their camera,at
    least a dozen posts from people that got ripped!
    Douglas, Jul 4, 2004
  4. Lewis Wolfgang

    Sabineellen Guest


    "I've been looking to get a canon digital rebel for a while, and found this
    site to sell the camera+lense for $579.

    If it's true i really fail to understand why they won't put it on ebay where
    i'm sure it'd get them a lot more than that.

    BTW, Douglas, can you please link to the "photog forums" where you found info
    about this site?
    Sabineellen, Jul 4, 2004
  5. Lewis Wolfgang

    Bob Fallona Guest

    RUN don't walk and don't send them your money. They just registered their
    website ( see poster above) I can find nothing on the web about them not
    even under groups in Google. And all legit camera dealers want at least
    $777 -www.seewhyelectronic.com or Newegg has it for $820 - for this camera
    along with Ebay going for about $800 to $1000.
    No way can another legit seller come in at $539!! If you call them I bet
    they won't sell it unless you buy hundreds of dollars of add ons like the
    stuff that comes with legit stores ie battery, cables, warrantly etc. Go
    ahead if you must, but you will regret it. I would lower my sites on the
    camera or wait till I could buy it at NewEgg ( one of the best sellers out
    there.). In a few months new models will come out driving down prices.
    Bob Fallona, Jul 5, 2004
  6. Lewis Wolfgang

    BandHPhoto Guest

    <In researching the purchase I ran across one pundit warning about buying
    products at less than the manufacturer suggested retail price lest the factory
    dishonor the warranty.>

    Olympus will honor the manufacturer's warranty if the retailer is an authorized
    Olympus retailer, no matter what the price. That said, if the price seems too
    good to be true, further investigation may be warranted.
    - --

    Henry Posner/B&H Photo-Video
    BandHPhoto, Jul 7, 2004
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