Facial Biometrics 2006: The Documents, Imaging & Security Conference

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    Facial Biometrics 2006: The Documents, Imaging & Security Conference
    December 6th - 8th, 2006 - Crystal City DoubleTree Hotel -
    Arlington, VA USA

    The Biometric-based technology in the imaging, documents, and security
    applications for the public and private sector. Affected industries
    include: Security, Telecommunications, Banking & Financial Controls,
    Document Security & ID, Government, Computer Science, Aerospace &
    Aviation, Physical Access, Imaging, Retail & Electronic Commerce,
    Healthcare and Law Enforcement

    Intertech-Pira Corporation, a leading conference producer and market
    research publisher who provides strategic information analyses
    pertaining to advanced materials and technologies, announces that its
    inaugural biometrics technology conference, Facial Biometrics 2006: The
    Documents, Imaging & Security Technologies, will be held on December
    6th-8th, 2006 at the Crystal City DoubleTree Hotel in Arlington,
    Virginia. Intertech-Pira has hosted hundreds of conferences, inspiring
    nearly 300,000 executives, manufacturers, marketers, experts and end
    users of advanced technologies across North America, Europe and Asia
    since 1979.

    The Facial Biometrics 2006: The Documents, Imaging & Security
    Technologies conference is designed to address the largest challenges
    faced when using imaging and facial biometric technologies in
    applications, document-based and otherwise, for both the public and
    private sector. Advances in solutions incorporating imaging and
    recognition technologies have resulted in improvements in airport
    security, computer vision, national border security, travel documents,
    network authentication, registration programs, surveillance,
    access-control applications, voting program integrity, handheld
    electronic device security, visas, ID theft prevention and document
    security. In addition to covering the current biometrics market and
    latest technologies and applications, Facial Biometrics 2006 will cover
    hurdles and innovations in passport & visa technology, imaging,
    identification, authentication, multiple biometric application
    combinations, iris scanning, computer vision, 3D imaging, face capture,
    feature extraction and matching, neural network algorithms, processing
    time, 3D-2D matching, facial shape recognition, document security,
    enrollment, image quality, ID documents and much more.

    Facial Biometrics 2006: The Documents, Imaging & Security Technologies
    will feature more than 25 expert speakers, two pre-conference seminars,
    a panel discussion, a "5 minute pitch" session, and an exhibition
    area. The summit will bring together key users, component suppliers,
    manufacturers, vendors and end users of recognition and identification
    technologies. Participants will receive a thorough assessment of the
    biometrics markets and the image and security technologies involved,
    including technological advances, new applications, government projects
    and standards, security advancements and process improvements, while
    having ample opportunity to discuss industry issues and network with
    experts, leading biometrics executives, government officials, end users
    and professionals in a three-day open-forum format. Facial Biometrics
    2006: The Documents, Imaging & Security Technologies serves as the
    summit for discussion on the research, testing, development,
    evaluation, and application of biometric-based personal identification
    and verification documents and computer systems and will promote at
    least 10 networking opportunities, including evening receptions,
    breakfasts, lunches and several breaks in the expansive exhibit area.
    Over 200 industry executives and technologists from leading
    organizations and government agencies in the areas of security, safety,
    aviation, healthcare, document security, banking & financial services,
    homeland security, telecommunications, law enforcement, government,
    computer security, retail & electric commerce, and physical access
    control are expected to attend this international conference, which
    will be held in the security capital of the world, Washington, D.C.

    Speaker recruitment is now underway. To submit a topic for
    consideration or for more information on attendance, speaking,
    exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Peter H.
    Cheesman, Conference Producer, Intertech-Pira Corporation at tel:
    207-781-9624, fax: 207-781-2150, or email: .
    pcheesman, Apr 26, 2006
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