Facebook very slow.

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by geopelia, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    Is anyone else finding Facebook is very slow to show what is being typed
    Words used to show as I was typing them, as they do in these newsgroups.
    Now it takes a long time for anything to show up, and then it arrives in
    small groups of words.

    Is it Facebook, or my computer please?
    I've done a full scan, and no virus was found.
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
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  2. No its for dead people, I just do not use this stupid thing.

    Don't use it then you not have to worry about it.
    Frank Williams, Jul 5, 2013
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  3. No ! so 90% of the posters here are Cowards, so what is this..

    I had a nice friend that use to be here a lot all he did was to help
    people just like I do, but he was hounded and abused by most on here, so
    he pulled the plug.
    Frank Williams, Jul 5, 2013
  4. geopelia

    Gordon Guest

    I think the long term readers of this ng know who Frank is. To the point of
    it being a nick name or thats what he calls himself these days.
    Gordon, Jul 5, 2013

  5. I have a few friends that this person is some 10 year kid having some
    fun so far I cant even believe these posts.
    Frank Williams, Jul 5, 2013
  6. I can leave most for dead here as far as hardware goes, its just the
    jealous trouble makers here that cause all these problems, plus I don't
    have many problems with modern software al all.

    I have a few friends that this person is some 10 year kid having some
    fun so far I cant even believe these posts, Plus I did not refer to
    Geopelia as being dumb, just that people that use Facebook as being
    dead, as they say if the cap fits were it.

    It was a general reference to people that use it., more or less stating
    that you dont have to use it..
    Frank Williams, Jul 5, 2013
  7. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    I use it for Friends and Family, to keep in touch with all my relations
    around the world,
    and I add interesting people and magazines etc as friends.
    Some people add me.
    I get into various discussions there.

    But there are a lot of things on Facebook that I wouldn't have a clue how to
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
  8. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    That's not my email address! I've seen it appearing here. I wonder who put
    it there. It wouldn't find me anyway.
    I think there is someone else called Geopelia in Japan, who plays computer
    games, according to Google.
    He or she must be rather puzzled if he gets an email meant for me!
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
  9. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    Thank you for those kind words.
    I don't worry about being insulted, after all we are just words on a page to
    each other.
    I know I'm dumb where computers are concerned, which I why I ask the kind
    people here.

    I wish Hubby could use Facebook now! I often hear his voice, probably just
    my brain playing tricks though.
    As for the Queen, I think she is four years older than me. I'm amazed how
    well she still carries out her public engagements.
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
  10. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    I wouldn't mind being ten again, to have those carefree years of the early
    teens as children do now.
    I turned ten soon after the war started and had six years of it.
    But perhaps not, who knows what a ten year old will have to experience
    during the rest of this century?

    And a ten year old would have grown up with computers, which I haven't.
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
  11. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    There's nothing wrong with having that opinion. You can use Facebook or not
    as you please.
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
  12. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    Does anyone else get the Wall Street Journal by email? I was surprised to
    see the piece today.

    Somebody aged 19 in America has been in jail, awaiting trial I think, for
    something offensive he said on Facebook.
    It was the sort of nasty gruesome thing any stupid teenager might say,
    joking with a friend.
    Perhaps he didn't mean the whole world to see it, but the Americans seem to
    have taken it seriously.

    We should all beware! America is watching.

    Meanwhile, does anybody have any advice about my little problem with
    Facebook please?
    geopelia, Jul 5, 2013
  13. geopelia

    Enkidu Guest

    It appears in the headers of your posts. I think it must either be a
    default put in by your news reader, or you set it up that way right at
    the beginning.


    Enkidu, Jul 5, 2013
  14. geopelia

    Donchano Guest

    And you don't have to be an ignorant arsehole, but you are.
    Donchano, Jul 5, 2013

  15. Why do you keep on insulting me when you just don't have a clue at all?
    Frank Williams, Jul 6, 2013
  16. geopelia

    Donchano Guest

    Why don't you have a clue why people keep insulting you?
    Donchano, Jul 6, 2013

  17. Its just normal for the posters here to insults each other when they
    don't have a clue.
    Frank Williams, Jul 6, 2013
  18. geopelia

    Donchano Guest

    So explains that's why you insulted "geopelia."
    Donchano, Jul 6, 2013
  19. geopelia

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Not me, I'm done with the sceptic old codger. I wouldn't wear my brake pads
    to slow down and miss him if he was in my way. Good riddance to the
    poisonous old git - the world would be a better place without him.

    "Humans will have advanced a long, long, way when religious belief has a
    cozy little classification in the DSM."
    David Melville (in r.a.s.f1)
    [Sent from my OrbitalT ocular implant interface.]
    ~misfit~, Jul 6, 2013
  20. geopelia

    geopelia Guest

    I don't know who put it there. I doubt if it is a real address.
    geopelia, Jul 6, 2013
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