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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Geopelia, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    Facebook have just fixed it. Have a grumble to them, it might work.
    Or they mght have fixed it now for everybody.
    Perhaps they had problems.
    Geopelia, Feb 19, 2012
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  2. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    Facebook have now fixed whatever it was their end. After another password
    change it is working well again.

    It's useful to keep in touch with family overseas.
    Geopelia, Feb 19, 2012
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  3. Geopelia

    Enkidu Guest

    Ooops! Sorry Geo.


    Enkidu, Feb 19, 2012
  4. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    That's OK.
    Facebook has fixed itself now, must have been a problem their end.
    Geopelia, Feb 19, 2012
  5. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    I've got Facebook for "Friends and family" and email for private letters
    instead of snail mail.
    But they say the Americans read all the email anyway.

    Facebook has fixed itself now.
    Geopelia, Feb 19, 2012
  6. Geopelia

    Donchano Guest

    In addition to my own Facebook page, I manage a few other pages for
    organisations I'm involved with. Every once in a while I'll encounter
    inexplicable issues like not being able to post or not being able to
    access the pages. And one extremely popular group I enjoy completely
    disappeared for several weeks before reappearing with a message from
    one of the founders expressing their relief that Facebook finally
    solved the problem that cause the group to vanish.

    In other words, FB has numerous, intermittent problems - most of which
    we will probably never hear about. Good to hear your problem has been
    Donchano, Feb 19, 2012
  7. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    Yes, the helpful suggestions people made here were much appreciated, and I'm
    saving them.

    But I was surprised that in all the Help pages on Facebook, they hadn't
    covered my problem.
    They must have had a look, as I got an email personally addressed to me from
    Facebook, with a place to click.
    Now it's working well as before.
    Geopelia, Feb 20, 2012
  8. Geopelia

    Donchano Guest

    Good on you for sticking with it. I've spent hours on the FB help
    pages going around an around in circles and found them totally useless
    for solving the problems I was having. The problems weren't even
    listed and didn't even come up when I used the Search window.

    Then I went around and around trying to find out how I could ask them
    directly. I finally found a link and an online form, but they sure do
    a wonderful job hiding it. But they did reply and did tell me how to
    solve the issues.

    I only wish I could find a way of changing that dreadful Timeline
    format they've forced on us. They have made my main page nearly
    impossible to navigate easily and my "Friends" are no longer listed in
    alphabetical order. Swings and roundabouts ...
    Donchano, Feb 20, 2012
  9. Geopelia

    Geopelia Guest

    Why do computer firms keep changing things? Google Groups are just as bad.
    Years ago it was easy to find what I wanted. Now it is impossible.

    But Google itself is still OK. I use it all the time to look things up.
    Geopelia, Feb 20, 2012

  10. Did they not tell you 100% Spyware..
    Frank Williams, Feb 20, 2012
  11. Geopelia

    bambam Guest

    Worth a look-

    bambam, Feb 20, 2012
  12. Geopelia

    Donchano Guest

    Donchano, Feb 20, 2012
  13. Geopelia

    Dave Doe Guest

    I gave up on Google 9 months or so ago - too much advertising and 'paid
    for' results turning up. I use Microsoft's Bing - and find that much
    better - returns more relevant results and faster too.

    When enough consumer resistance hits Google - hopefully they'll head
    back to the way they were, at least a bit.
    Dave Doe, Feb 20, 2012

  14. I use Copernic far far better features and search options.

    Frank Williams, Feb 20, 2012
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