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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Marc Popek, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Marc Popek

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    COMBINE-A-LINE .. Imagine..1=2

    Ever wish you could use your favorite single-line telephone, answering
    machine, caller ID or PC Modem on TWO phone lines?.. Automatically?


    How about joining your VOIP port and the plain old (PSTN) telephone jack
    into a single handset?


    How about joining TWO VOIP ports into a single handset, answering machine,
    caller ID or PC Modem?

    USE a CLT to join a card card acceptor and your single line telephone as


    see if anybody picks-up, on another line trunk, after you are already in a
    call??? A visual real-time security feedback feature!


    Combine-A-Line (CLT) allows two separate calls from two different lines to
    be directed to your single line telephone equipment or PC. Centralizing and
    PROTECTING (SURGE PROTECTION INSIDE) your communication equipment for your
    home office or for the family.

    Combine-A-Line supports all services from your telephone company including
    Caller ID. It also has two line surge protectors to make sure that you are
    Protecting your equipment.

    Use combine-aline to automatically switch between VOIP and pots (rboc) plain
    local line, hands free!.

    SECURITY of your calls are enhanced because the CLT displays if anybody
    picks -up the line after you are in a call! So, it has security features
    just in case someone is wire tapping or listens in after you are in a call.
    The LED display will indicate any disruption to the line.

    Easy to use, No batteries or power supply, and no programming needed! Our
    re-sellers have reported that ..."elimination of the noisy and cumbersome
    power supply wires, reduces the Hum & Noise one hears then when connected
    to household power supplies"

    Automate and organize your telecommunications equipment and desktop wires
    with Combine-A-Line.



    Add a second CLT to your auction win for only $14.42.

    Reduced shipping on second unit... only $3.42 ... wow reduced shipping

    Link to instructional video
    http://vincent.lemoine1.free.fr/tel2box/cut clt 6b 6 6 for windows media.wmv

    Answers from previous customers:

    A: this unit has many uses. it can combine two analog (regular plain Jane
    telephone lines) into a common point. This allows you to create a dual line
    telephone suite(telephone, answering. modem) etc for way less than the cost
    of a two line phone and two line answering machines and modems don't
    commonly exist. Further, VOIP has become very popular and users gain
    tremendous long distance rates rates, however they don't have a "local
    presence" and often back up the voip with a single plain Jane telephone
    line. the clt will join voip and telco to a signal automatic port for the
    ultimate convience! Plus no power supply or batteries to clutter your
    desktop! Plus all port surge protected to protect you equipment! plus two
    additional universal (I/O) line 1 and line 2 dedicated ports... enabling an
    even wider array of connection schemes.

    A: S&H outside CONUSA (48 USA states) costs more. The tariff diferene
    varies based on exact location. The range is about $1.00 to Canda and
    Mexico, and Hawaii. And is $3.00 to most of EU and Middle eastern locations.

    A: In coming activity is automatically routed to the auto output port.

    A: Out bound activity is automatic. Users can mnaully re-direct any cal and
    visually confirm which line is in use by observing the LED indication.

    A: The unit can be wired into a single telephone jack with the lines (four
    wire connectors) OR there are two additonal , inversal jacks that enable
    physical connnections to different phone access port. For example line 1 on
    a VOIP modem and line2 to your local Telco jack. The CLT can join any two
    lines and provide a single convient access point.

    A: The CLT does not require batteries or wall power supplies.
    Marc Popek, Oct 10, 2005
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  2. Marc Popek

    Marc Popek Guest

    Marc Popek, Oct 17, 2005
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