FA: Valcom Digital Feedback Eliminator (Paging System)

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by KI7G, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Valcom's Digital Feedback Eliminator is PA system that works through
    your company's telephone system. It records and saves the annoucement
    then rebroadcasts over a speaker system eliminating the need to move
    speakers or telephones for a quick, easy, cost-effective solution.
    Automatically Adjusts The Output Level To A Consistent Volume Even
    When The Recording Voices Vary From Low To High

    Stacks Messages - Records A Page While Playing A Recorded Page
    Eliminate Feedback To All Zones With Only One Unit High-Fidelity -
    Sounds Like A Natural Voice Not Like A Recording

    Solid State Design - No Moving Parts To Break LED Indicators For Play,
    Record, Busy, Power

    Dipswitch Programmable Features:
    - Pre-Announce Alert Tone
    - Priority Override (Real Time Or Delayed)
    - DTMF Message Cancel

    Real Time Background Music With Volume Control
    Two Audio Outputs: 8 or 600 ohms loop
    Screw Terminal Connections
    Access By Loop Start trunk Port, C.O. Port,

    This unit is currently priced new at $542.00. see:
    KI7G, Jul 14, 2003
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