F6 for SCSI or RAID ? (i.e. it's not to do with SATA or IDE ?) + installing windows on a RAID boot d

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by jameshanley39, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. F6 for SCSI or RAID ? (i.e. it's not to do with SATA or IDE ?)

    I've found that windows installs on a SATA drive just as on an IDE. No
    drivers required.

    So the F6 thing is only when installing windows i.e. on a boot device,
    where that device is RAID and needs a driver.

    do some MBRDs connectors nowadays only support SATA RAID, or have a
    RAID Feature, and if they have that RAID feature - even if it's
    unused, does that necessitate using a driver when installing windows?
    I've heard that to be the case.

    Regarding F6 to install windows on a RAID boot device or perhaps, a
    device supporting RAID. I think it asks for a floppy.. I have heard of
    three options
    - A USB floppy drive (these are detected and work like a regular
    floppy drive. When I plug it in and go to the BIOS, a new option
    appears under boot devices, I can boot from it. It may require the
    ability to boot from USB though, probably does - which is good news
    for me)
    - A regular floppy drive
    - Putting the RAID Drivers in a certain directory in the windows
    installation. (May be useful if installing on many, though if doing
    that, and MBRDs are the same or MBRD chipset is same, then a Ghost may
    be more useful)

    I had a PCI SATA RAID card which came with RAID drivers and Non RAID
    drivers to point windows to. I wasn't installing windows on the drive
    connected to it. I had windows loading from one of the MBRDs SATA or
    IDE Connectors which wasn't RAID. The windows "found new hardware"
    popped up as it should, and I told it the location of the driver - as
    the manual suggested. There were actually 2 drivers, a RAID one and
    a non RAID one. It only accepted/saw the RAID one, but fortuantely,
    - as i wanted - it treated the drive as non RAID , which is all it
    could do since I had only plugged one HDD into that RAID card.

    note- similar post , thread : SATA with IDE - my experiences of it,
    jameshanley39, Jan 31, 2007
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