External USB HDD - hot plug problems - does not automount, unmount

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by wewa, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. wewa

    wewa Guest


    Running x64 1433 and having a consistent problem with xp mounting volumes
    and displaying them in 'my computer' window.

    I'm not sure if its the PC hardware i'm running x64 on or x64. How would i
    Although the same PC, when i boot xp pro 32bit, same ntfs volume external
    usb 2.0 hdd hot plugs (mount, unmount) fine.

    Tried other usb drives i have, same situation. Sometimes if i'm lucky, they
    will automount. but never have i seen them unmount by themselves in x64.

    I know its not the drives, as I have many of these external usb 2.0 drives
    and they all hot plug fine on other xp pro, home, and such machines.

    My sequence on the x64 is as follows:
    - system up and running, need access to files on the external drive,
    connected in the rear via usb 2.0 port & cable,
    - turn power switch ON rear of drive, go to my computer, nothing appears,
    - right click my computer, manage, disk management, sure enough drive has
    red icon, 'disk 2 dynamic offline'
    - right click and choose 'reactivate disk', sometimes, also have to
    'rescan,' 'refresh' under 'action' menu.
    - if drive does not appear, then i have to reboot with drive on.
    - if i decide to unplug usb cable from rear of PC, or turn power switch OFF
    on drive while booted, drive icon will still remain in 'my computer', does
    not unmount like normal win xp 32bit.

    wewa, Jun 18, 2005
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  2. As far as I understand, you're runing a beta version of x64. Why don't you
    try the trial version or go to the exchange programme.
    It's not because it's working with XP x86 that it will work with x64.
    Are you sure you're using the last x64 drivers ?
    Christian Hougardy, Jun 18, 2005
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  3. wewa

    wewa Guest

    i would 'love' to run the release version of x64.
    But i have no idea when i will receive it as my order is 'pending.'

    guess, i can reboot or leave the drive on, until then.

    wewa, Jun 18, 2005
  4. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 18, 2005
  5. wewa

    wewa Guest

    Downloading and Installing software is not exactly my idea of fun.

    Especially when I know its just a trial, a 120 day trial. I think I have
    more than 6 mos left on 1433 and if my order for some reason stays 'pending'
    that long...

    ....unless I run into some kind of 'show stopper,' problem on 1433, i'd
    rather skip myself one more 'download and upgrade' and 'wipe and install'
    just to move to a trial, and then do it again for the final release.

    I guess its a testament to how 1433 'just works' for now, without any
    serious 'show stoppers' and i'm plain lazy...

    ....and maybe by then, my favorite antivirus will be 64 ready.

    wewa, Jun 18, 2005
  6. wewa

    Rick Guest

    If you're intelligent enough to read, and comprehend, the EULA, you DO

    The EULA for the beta version 1433 EXPIRED the day the OS was released
    to the public, April 25, 2005!
    Rick, Jun 18, 2005
  7. What Wewa needs to really understand that they trial is for four months,
    certainly within that time period, the final version should arrive. Some
    persons media for final XP Pro x64 took 5 to 6 weeks, the trial period for
    XP Pro x64 is 17 weeks, certainly you will get your final CD before the
    timebomb ignites in the Trial. And remember what I said, you can do an
    inplace upgrade from the Trial to full copy of XP Pro x64.

    I think its better than running a beta that is not supported and only
    confuses people in the newsgroups trying to help with a problem that might
    have been solved long ago in the RTM.
    Extended64 | http://www.extended64.com
    Blog | http://www.extended64.com/blogs/andre
    FAQ for MS AntiSpy http://www.geocities.com/marfer_mvp/FAQ_MSantispy.htm
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 19, 2005
  8. wewa

    wewa Guest

    What is EULA?
    I have XP X64, not EULA.

    wewa, Jun 19, 2005
  9. The eula is the text no one read before agreing with it ;)
    When you installed the beta, you had to agree with some "conditions" before
    clicking on OK. One of those conditions is that the use of the beta version
    will become illegal as soon as the final version will be available. And this
    is the case...
    Christian Hougardy, Jun 19, 2005
  10. wewa

    John Barnes Guest

    You've done your part and placed your order. Some don't relate to the
    problems of living in an area where hi-speed internet is not an option. They
    should try downloading a 550+ mb download on a 24k connection sometime, and
    then find out that there is something wrong with it. OTOH I do understand
    that they don't want to address problems solved in the RTM. However, they
    should address their angst at Microsoft, since they are the ones responsible
    for delivering the trial and exchange CD's and chose an incompetent party to
    handle it. As can be seen elsewhere even those who are helpful and tolerant
    helping people here have begun to parody the idiocy of Microsoft. They
    could change to another company with more ability, even if there were a
    penalty clause, which I would doubt. Personally what I find ironic is the
    people here that are admittedly frustrated, complaining about the inability
    to get drivers, when it took Microsoft nearly 2 years to get around to x64
    from when AMD first sold the chips and even now a large number of people
    still haven't received their exchange or trial CD's. Get real about who is
    the slug in this venture into 64-bit computing.
    Has anyone even noticed that they seem to take another important feature out
    of Longhorn each month or two? What is going to be left, a new splash
    screen and Media Player they can't even include in the EU. Hopefully some
    important changes will be left. Sorry for the rant. :)
    John Barnes, Jun 19, 2005
  11. Actually, Microsoft may have removed media technologies out of the European
    edition of XP called N, but the ultimate decision to purchase, install or
    preload with a PC is up to the consumer, business and System builders, Dell,
    HP and few others are still not offering as part of their PC purchase,
    Fijitsu said only if it is requested.

    I can understand users frustration, but its as a result of a lack of
    synchronization in the develop process of 64-bit computing, from hardware to
    software. Microsoft started the beta of this XP Pro x64, little bit after
    Windows Server 2003 RTM was released in April of 2003, thats 24 months of
    development time, in which hardmanufacturers and most certainly software
    manufacturers should have been aware of the product and start integrating it
    into their develop cycle. Honestly, they would have finished up drivers and
    software updates about a year ago for XP Pro x64.

    But it always goes back to demand and supply, they are not seeing the trends
    in the mart requesting XP Pro x64 so they say lets wait it off a bit and put
    all our energies into the next version of Windows since this is just a get
    started release of Windows when it comes to 64 bit computing.
    Extended64 | http://www.extended64.com
    Blog | http://www.extended64.com/blogs/andre
    FAQ for MS AntiSpy http://www.geocities.com/marfer_mvp/FAQ_MSantispy.htm
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 19, 2005
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