Extending the PDH/E1 from PBX to VoIP router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by PAMRibeiro, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. PAMRibeiro

    PAMRibeiro Guest

    I'm trying to deploy a VoIP infrastructure. To protect our previous
    investment in the old PBX (an Alcatel 4400) I'm projecting the
    interconnection between VoIP and the POTS via one or two E1s available
    in the PBX and one C28xx with dual E1.
    The problem is that the PBX in one building and the IT stuff (routers,
    etc) are in another.
    In the PBX room (managed by people outside my IT "crew") I don't have
    any conditions to leave the router (air conditioning, rack, space, etc
    The only connecting I have between the PBX and the data/communication
    center is via a multi-pair (50 pairs i think) cable of about 150

    I know the physical interfaces of the Cisco VoIP/E1 board are G.703
    based and the ones in the PBX too.
    Is it possible to make the connection using two pairs of the multi-pair
    cable avoiding the extra cost of some active equipment or passing new
    specialized cabling?
    I have heard something about converting the G.703 to balanced 120 ohm
    (using a Balun transformer) to no one had given me real
    details/guarantees that it works.

    Does anyone have experience in this area?
    What is the common solution for this problem? (inter-connecting two
    G.703/E1 interfaces separated by ~150m and with simple low grade
    multi-pair telephonic cable)

    PAMRibeiro, Apr 13, 2006
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