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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Lorenzo Sandini, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Since the topic changed, let me start a new thread, although the project
    is the same. So the LAN is all planned, but I'd like to add WLAN
    coverage in the house, even though there are plenty of gigabit plugs in
    every room.

    Here are the house plans, 2 floors, very simple design:


    WLAN coverage is needed in the red areas, while 802.11g is probably
    enough, 802.11n access points don't cost much more.

    While the wireless part in those is theoretically 300Mbps, the wired
    port is 100Mbps on most. Access points in the "n" range with a gigabit
    LAN port are still quite expensive.

    The house has a solid concrete build and I think I'll need 2 access
    points. I'd like to have the antennas well hidden though, or ceiling
    antennas like the Zyxel ZyAIR EXT-104.

    Taking advice and suggestions, thank you in advance :)

    Lorenzo Sandini, Jan 9, 2011
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  2. Lorenzo Sandini

    HappyHunter Guest

    What advice are you looking for ? Surely, I'd have thought the "bigger"
    the antenna, the more focused the signal, and therefore reduced spread.
    So, would kinda avoid that type of antenna unless it's something you
    think you specifically need.

    Where's your "solid concrete" ? Internal walls, floors ?

    I live on the 1st floor of an old building. My sister lives on the
    ground floor. We had a six room extension built 3 years ago, I get 3
    rooms, she gets 3 rooms.

    1 WAP serves all of the extension, both ground and 1st floor. The signal
    from this wap doesn't make it through to the old part of the house, due
    to stone walls.
    In my flat, 1 WAP serves the rooms in the old part. Walls are lathe and
    plaster. This signal does reach dwnstairs, but they have their own WAP too.
    Downstairs, another WAP servers my sisters old part of the house. It's
    roughly in her hall, and the signal does reach my living room.

    I'd be tempted to say, that one WAP may serve all your depends, but
    depends on the construction of your internal walls. Otherwise, go for
    the 2 as you've suggested.

    HappyHunter, Jan 9, 2011
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  3. Lorenzo Sandini

    Daniel James Guest

    You surely don't need a gigabit connection between your wired LAN and
    your access point? The rate-limiting connection will be the wireless
    one, and the wired one only needs to be as fast.

    It depends to some extent, of course, on the number of simultaneous
    wireless connections you'll be trying to service through the one access
    point ... but you propose to have several wireless connections
    simultaneously running high-bandwidth applications (streaming HD video
    to a tablet ... no, to several tablets) you probably needn't worry
    much. You will also have wired gigabit access for when speed is
    critical, after all.
    If the internal walls are all concrete and steel you may need an AP in
    each room (in which case the antennae can be tiny), otherwise you may
    only need one altogether. Have you actually tried any WiFi kit in the

    Daniel James, Jan 10, 2011
  4. Lorenzo Sandini

    Daniel James Guest

    Sorry ... you're talking about 802.11n and I was thinking about 802.11g.

    I still wonder what devices/applications you might want to connect
    wirelessly that would tax a wireless-n -- or wired 100mb/s --

    However, GB kit like the Netgear WNAP 210 is available at a bit under a
    hundred quid (plus VAT) ... is that too expensive?

    Daniel James, Jan 10, 2011
  5. 10.1.2011 14:51, Daniel James kirjoitti:
    Well the idea is to get good coverage of the area, and a gigabit link
    from the wireless APs to my switches is not absolutely needed, 100Mbps
    should be enough.

    The house is being built, so testing now is not an option, until all the
    room walls and floor heating is installed. I'm in eastern Finland, near
    the russian border, and when it's cold, it's cold.

    I am planning ahead, since we're starting to do the electrical wiring in
    3-4 weeks. A single AP covering the whole house and yard would be
    perfect, but doesn't sound possible, even with a strong antenna.

    I could place ceiling-mounted PoE "visible" APs like the Trendnet
    TEW-653AP or the D-Link AirPremier DWL-3260AP, but some reviews suggest
    the "wall penetration" is very low and they are ok for use as
    single-room APs. They could be ok in the lower floor, but for upstairs,
    I'm afraid I'd have to put one in each room.

    Another option would be to place a single AP with a strong sector
    antenna, but what would be a good position in the upper floor ?

    Lorenzo Sandini, Jan 10, 2011
  6. Lorenzo Sandini

    Daniel James Guest

    Yes, I realized from reading your earlier post that the house was new.
    That's why I was suggesting testing as early as possible (but no
    earlier, obviously).

    Floor heating may have an effect. If that involves a series of wires or
    metal pipes running under the floor it could make your floors more than
    usually impenetrable by WiFi (if plastic pipes are use it probably

    What are the (internal) walls made from?
    You won't know until you try ...

    Daniel James, Jan 11, 2011
  7. Lorenzo Sandini

    Offendadext Guest

    Offendadext, Jul 22, 2011
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