Extending screen over 2 monitors

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by NOTTNICK, Nov 11, 2007.


    NOTTNICK Guest

    I've just got myself a great 22" widescreen monitor.
    2 things.

    1. I'd like to be able to use my old 17"TFT to extend the desktop when I
    am working with music files. This means I will need a new graphics card
    with dual capabilities. I've got a RADEON 9200 at the moment with only
    one VGA output.

    My new monitor will take HDCP.

    I don't play games or need powerful graphics but want to get the best
    from the monitor.

    So, will a graphics card with HDCP & VGA work in sync as 2 separate
    outputs to use as extended monitor? (ie. like 2 X VGA)

    Am I maybe wasting my money on this as I won't really notice a
    difference in normal use - better to go for a normal 2X VGA?

    2. My photos all get stretched, I'd like to view them normally. Is there
    a simple way to set things up so I can chose ratio quickly and easily
    (ie a key press)?

    I'd apprecite advice here.


    NOTTNICK, Nov 11, 2007
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    theokochen Guest

    theokochen, Nov 11, 2007
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