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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Paul G, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. Paul G

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    here in San Diego, CA, our ears and eyes are constantly assaulted by various
    companies spruiking the benefits of getting your A+, your MCSE, your CCNA
    with them. Microskills, ITT-Tech, New Horizons and Laptop Training Solutions
    being the most visible of these training vendors. In fact for a short time I
    worked for one of them but before, during and after my brief tenure, I was
    very suspicious of the actual benefits gained by those who hocked themselves
    into student debt and slaved for many hours to grab some elusive

    If you are a current student, ex student, graduate, or employee of any of
    these venerable institutions then I'd like to hear from you. Also if you are
    an employer or other person in the industry who can speak to whether these
    schools have any credibility that would be great. If you just want to vent
    that is also welcome! Or if you work for the school and want to present your
    side of the story, then that would be great.

    My bias would be that some of these schools turn out some very highly
    trained, fully certified people. However, most have little experience, and
    despite their certifications, probably end up in entry level jobs. There is
    probably a very high dropout rate as the high fees and cramming would take
    their toll on many student's dedication. Also the glowing picture that the
    schools paint of the demand for their graduates and the computer industry
    itself is basically a misrepresentation. I don't think they have a clue
    about the demand! However, I may be totally wrong!

    I intend to set up a web site that will assemble all the facts and review
    the most prominent of these schools, hopefully helping either a whole bunch
    of eager suckers from losing their pants, or if the schools don't lie,
    putting some bright eyed people onto the path to certain riches as a network

    I just want to allow potential students to make an informed
    decision about what they are about to embark on. Often, the only people they
    would talk to would be the enrolment staff at the schools, who for some
    reason ;-) only paint a very glowing picture of the benefits that accrue by
    enrolling. Anecdotal evidence doesn't reflect a good opinion of these
    schools but who knows what agendum the source of these anecdotes has.

    You can go to Consumer Reports to get information on a $80 DVD player, don't
    you think that there should be an equivalent source of information for a
    $8000 8 month course of education? Or a $20000 one? That is what I am going
    to provide. This is your chance to contribute your 2c.

    You can reply to this newsgroup or email me at the email account that I have
    set up at yahoo.com, which is paulg2004y

    Confidentiality is guaranteed.

    If you want to suggest other groups or forums that I could crosspost this
    into, that would be welcome too.


    Paul G.
    Paul G, Jul 28, 2004
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  2. It's all about "caveat emptor".

    Tom MacIntyre, Jul 29, 2004
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