Explorer and error msxml3.dll message.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ron4val, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. ron4val

    ron4val Guest

    Hi there.
    I have recently done a reformat anf reinstalled all my files and
    programs.I use windows 98.
    I then went to the microsoft update site and commenced to download there
    critical updates and did this a few at a time.
    I now find that I can use the internet and outlook express fine but when
    I visit the Microsoft update site I keep getting an error message which
    states that an error has been found and explorer must close.This happens on
    every occasion that I visit the update site and as a result I cannot
    download the rest of the updates as listed.The error is listed as
    msxml3.dll.I would appreciate any help in rectifying this fault.
    ron4val, Aug 31, 2003
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  2. ron4val

    Boomer.. Guest

    ron4val said:
    What is the exact error message?

    Here's a start:
    Boomer.., Aug 31, 2003
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  3. ron4val

    why? Guest

    Which updates?

    Did you d/l and install or just d/l the files?
    The update basket (save locally and don't install) feature uses an XML
    formatted file to record the updates downloaded, so I guess the d/l and
    install does the samething.

    What version of the DLL is it? Right click on the DLL / properties /

    There is that DLL with these products -
    XML 3.0 SP4 ver 8.40.9419.0 3/25/2003 with Windows 2003

    XML 3.0 ver 8.30.9926.0 with MDAC 2.7 SP1, so try the upgrade to MDAC
    2.8 maybe. (It's a security upgrade anyway if MDAC is already on your
    PC. www.microsoft.com/data/ then Data Downloads. For info on the patch
    www.microsoft.com/security/ see bulletin MS03-033 )

    Visual Studio .NET / MSIE CAB files / SQL Server 2003 SP3 / XP SP1

    Check the MS DLL library

    You can get XML updates from , without using the Windows update feature.
    click Downloads, the 1st d/l is

    Microsoft XML Parser 3.0 SP 4
    Microsoft XML Parser(MSXML) Service Pack 4 (SP4) is a complete
    replacement of MSXML 3.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) and below. MSXML 3.0 SP4
    provides a number of security and bug fixes.
    Date: July 10, 2003

    Then again, if you knew what the file name was that windows update
    created and (as you said) it worked a few times you could rename the
    file and let WU recreate a new one. This would wipe the d/l version
    installed history.

    I use the download basket and install the updates manually, the file
    name is 'iuhist_catalog.xml'.

    why?, Aug 31, 2003
  4. ron4val

    ron4val Guest

    To me.
    Wanto to thank you for your prompt rely.
    I went to the Microft site and to Microsoft Knowledge base No 278636.
    From there I went to xmlinst.exe and read up on xml and the replace mode
    From that it would appear that I can add a version of xml and that would
    run along side but they then go on to warn that that could render my system
    unstable ,so I don't know what to do.
    The error message when I view it states AppName iexplore.exe
    AppVer6.0.2800.1106 ModName msxml3.dll
    ModVersion 8.30.9926.0 offset 0095ace

    When I scroll down to module 28 the File and Prod Version are both listed as

    Although I could no doubt download as above I dont know what I would do if
    it all went wrong.

    Thank again Ron.
    ron4val, Aug 31, 2003
  5. ron4val

    why? Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes
    I may have been leading you astray, even though the update history file
    is an XML file it still needs parsed by XML DLL on the PC. I have both
    sets of XML 3 and 4 installed for a course I did and have not seen a
    problem however most PC also don't have Start / Programs / MSXML 4.0 in
    the menu either.

    The replace mode is where all registry entries are updated to the new
    version, otherwise side-by-side is used for developers to test apps on
    the new version. Since some bits between the new and earlier thingys get
    borked. So there is an option to have both sets in the registry.

    Did you find the file 'iuhist_catalog.xml', it's plain text so although
    it may not make much sense you can open the file in a text editor or in
    MSIE (in IE you may see +/- signs and can expand/contract the view).

    This would at least let you know the file is, there and loadable.

    You may want to try some XML examples just to see if you get any errors,
    (one of the examples near the top is an error example)


    The breakfast menu example , again it's plain text even if you don't see
    what's going on. You should be able to see food items and the type of
    food lik e

    <name>Belgian Waffles</name>


    and a nice formatted version for MSIE 6

    This may or may not show any other problems or maybe an error message?
    This is plain guessing now if you didn't know :)
    I could look into it a bit more if you want to wait, see if anybody else
    chips in with a suggestion as well. Did you try a search www.google.com

    why?, Aug 31, 2003
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