Example config for an access router with VPN?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Peter Howkins, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. I've been struggling to setup a Cisco 1811 to act as a NAT router
    between a public and private network which also allows remote roving
    users to VPN into the private network. Roughly like this.

    Remote User ---- Internet ---- ( Router )---- Private network

    I can probably live with 'local' authentication on the router for
    the , as there are not likely to be many remote users. Also the Remote
    users will have the VPN client (either windows' or cisco's, whatever
    works). The addresses for router interfaces are static, and the
    routing is static too.

    I've been looking at many example configs on the cisco site, but was
    struggling to find one that did NAT and VPN at the same time. Any
    pointers would be very helpful.

    Peter Howkins, Apr 30, 2007
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