Examkiller IBM 000-M38 exam questions and answers

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    Now Examkiller has latest IBM 000-M38 exam, here some question and answers:

    1. Which ot the following are reasons to use web services on Domino ?
    A. Service that provides a list of documents(view)
    B. Service for working with your mail
    C. Service that provides the back-end data store and operations for an application
    D. All of the above
    Answer: D

    2. What is XPages?
    A. A runtime designed to generate modern Web applications
    B. A page with extra code for advanced end-user functionality
    C. A way to present COBOL data inside of a Notes application
    D. A runtime designed by Professor Charles Xavier
    Answer: A

    3. What does enabling the internet password lockout feature allow?
    A. Prevents the user from logging in after three attempts
    B. Permits the user to login regardless of how many attempts are made
    C. Makes it possible to set a threshold value for Internet password authentication failures for atte

    applicetions or Lotus Domino Web Access
    D. Changes the password of the user account
    Answer: C

    4. The primary use of XPages was to quickly bring what to Domino?
    A. Web 2.0 Development
    B. Volume Scalability
    C. Style Customization
    D. Eclipse Tools
    Answer: A

    5. What is the meaning behind the X in XPage?
    A. Extra
    B. XLG
    C. Exterior
    D. Extensible
    Answer: D

    6. Domino applications can be accessed using numerous methods, including:
    A. Web services
    B. Lotus Notes
    C. Web browsers
    D. All of the above
    Answer: D

    7. which of the following are examples of Expeditor applications which will NOT run in Notes?
    A. Composite Applications
    B. J2EE Applications utilizing EJB
    C. Web Applications
    D. Eclipse RCP Applications
    Answer: B

    8. Which of the following tools and methods can be used to upgrade Lotus Notes 7 client to Lotus Notes

    8.5 client?
    A. Setup policy upgrade
    B. Desktop policy upgrade
    C. Smart upgrade
    D. Master policy upgrade
    Answer: C

    More Questions and Answers visit the web site: examkiller.net
    tngtong2, Jan 4, 2010
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