Exam strategy and references for MCTS .net (536+528)/how to prepare

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by gravz84, Jun 20, 2008.

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    A lot of questions float around about the MCTS .net(536+ 528/526)
    certifications and which books and tests to read/study for exam.

    First things first, these certifications are valid for .NET 2.0 not
    3.5, the latest version for VS 2008. They will remain valid till the
    product lifecycle is over and support is ended by microsoft for .NET
    2.0. However the obtain MCPD, the next level the requirements are
    different(vs 2008) so research first which track you require.
    If you are aiming for mcpd the 2.0 track won't lead you to it.

    All of your questions can be answered by a visit to the microsoft
    certification portal at:
    and then locating the specific certification and then the exam you are
    For 536 and 528 both of which I cleared, these are the things you need
    to know:

    --You should be experienced in using Visual studio .net 2005 or later
    and .net framework 2.0, in order to pass the exams.
    --If you are a beginner in .NET it is unlikely that you'll pass just
    by reading the book
    --The objectives that are tested in the exam are stated on the
    microsoft website and in the book.
    --You need to know these. There are msdn study guides available on the
    net (cygen.com by brett romero is the one I followed--google it).
    --The official exam book is by Microsoft press, by prentice hall in
    India specifically for the exams-- MCTS self paced training kits.
    --there are review questions, exercises etc at the end of each
    chapter. Skip if you are experienced.
    --these books include practice exams--similar in difficulty level to
    the actual exam questions.
    --there are no coding questions. All questions are objective/multiple
    choice. There are a few simulation exercises.
    --for 528 and 536 there were 45 questions and 150 minutes to answer
    --Every question can be answered if you are thorough with the msdn
    study guide.

    Strategy to clear the exams--
    --get experience in vs.net
    --check objectives of the exams--see which ones are bigger, will have
    more coverage in exam--like security
    --refer to msdn and forum if faced with difficulties-- a must
    --get training kit book--practice tests till you score 80-90%
    --also do the review exercises if you have little experience
    --if you want even more practice, use measureup tests--same as the
    ones with the book.
    gravz84, Jun 20, 2008
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