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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Waite, James, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Waite, James

    Waite, James Guest

    I take 70-210 on Thursday. This will be my first exam sine I took and
    passed NT3.51 several years ago. I hadn't been worried but just in case
    went through the Transceder practice exams with little trouble.

    I've also tried a friends MeasureUp practice exam and have found the
    question either fiendishly difficult or just plain silly examples below
    silly first, then difficult.

    Do I need to worry about these sorts of questions on the exam or does the
    Transcender reflect better the actual questions? Any comments or thoughts
    would be appreciated.

    James Waite

    You have a Windows 2000 Professional computer with an erratic mouse. The
    arrow or I-beam will not stay where you place it on the screen. You have
    removed the ball and cleaned the contacts and the ball. You have closed all
    programs but he one you are using, including the virus checker. What should
    you do next?

    1.. Uninstall the mouse driver and install it again.
    2.. Try this computers mouse on another computer.
    3.. Run the virus checker to see if it has affected the mouse driver.
    4.. Try another mouse on this computer.

    According to MeasureUp ONLY number 1 is correct.

    You want to initialize overview settings for your new Windows 2000
    Professional computer's performance system Monitor. You will only monitor
    the minimum network components as suggested by Microsoft for TCP/IP. What
    counters should you include? [Choose all that apply.]

    1.. Network Segment: % Net Utilization
    2.. Network Interface\Output Queue Length
    3.. Redirector\Network Errors/sec
    4.. Network Interface\Packets/sec
    5.. Network InterfaceBytes total/sec
    6.. Server\Bytes Total/sec
    7.. Redirector\Bytes Total/sec

    Here numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6 (Who memorizes this?)
    Waite, James, Sep 8, 2003
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