Exam order in MCSD track?

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Jake, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Jake

    Jake Guest

    Hello I'm just beginning the MCSD.NET track following the VB.NET language.
    I have some limited experience developing with VB6 and lots of experience in
    MS Office apps. Any suggestions what order for the exams or any other
    advice is greatly appreciated.
    Jake, Sep 18, 2003
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  2. Jake

    Joe DeVasure Guest

    This is just my opinon but I believe (from personal
    experience) that when go to take one you should be
    sowehat prepared to take them all. I can't go into
    detail because of agreements with the testing centers and
    microsoft. But be aware that the scope of the test is
    BEYOND the scope of any one of the books.

    I guess if where to take them again know what I know now
    I would have went
    310-320 XML components and webservices
    305-315 Web Apps and Componenets
    306-316 Windows Apps
    Take my elective I choose 229 because I was looking to
    get MCDBA and just required 2 more exams.
    Lastly BE EXTREMLY PREPARED to take the
    300. It is a whammy
    Joe DeVasure, Sep 18, 2003
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  3. Jake

    Jake Guest

    Thanks, Joe appreciate the help
    Jake, Sep 19, 2003
  4. Jake

    Sarang Guest

    Umm, you experience on VB6 will certainly help. There is
    no hard and fast rule for a sequence to be followed as
    such. What you can really do is, start with the topic on
    which you have maximum hands on experience. if you have
    been architecting solutions then go straight in for
    70300. If you are familier with web servicess then you
    might go in first for 310. so, in short, whatever you
    have studies most and whatever you are most comfortable
    with till date, go in for that.

    you might want to use these resources:
    Globalization and Localization

    -Secure Communication, Authorization, Authentication
    url=/library/en-us/dnnetse c/html/secnetlpMSDN.asp?

    -Microsoft Architecture Overview :
    -Conceptual View
    -Logocal View
    -Physical View
    pull=/library/en-us/ dnea/html/eaappconland.asp

    -Database Design:
    -Primary, foreign key constraints

    -Data Access Techniques
    url=/library/en-us/dnbda/h tml/daag.asp

    -MS Host Integration Server 2000 and Biztalk: features

    -Source Control Integration in MS VS.NET

    -Deploying .NET Application
    us/dnbda/html/DALGIntro.asp?frame=t rue

    -Error Handling

    ORM (Object Role Modeling)
    Sarang, Sep 19, 2003
  5. Jake

    Jaime Guest

    So you would take 310-320 XML components and webservices
    First? I was thinking of taking it third.
    Jaime, Sep 20, 2003
  6. Jake

    Joe DeVasure Guest

    Do what you feel is best and are most comfortable doing.
    In reality I took it third asw well. However the scope
    of the Web and and Windows includes XML and security. So
    thats why I recommended it first.
    Joe DeVasure, Sep 20, 2003
  7. Jake

    Jaime Guest

    So you basically have to know everything involving XML
    components and webservices to pass 305 and 306 anyway,
    which is why you are suggesting it first? That makes
    Jaime, Sep 21, 2003
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