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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Guest, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi, I passed a 070-215 Implementing W2K Professional couple of years ago.
    Since then I was busy at work and in school and have not taken any other
    exams Now I am thinking of doing MCSE 2003. Will the passed exam count
    towards it? I am asking because a friend of mine told me that a passed exam
    is expired after one year and cannot be counted towards certification. Also,
    I overheard that my A+ and Server+ plus may count towards MCSE. Any info on

    Guest, Jun 29, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Briscobar Guest

    Well, it depends on which exam you passed. Did you pass 70-215 (Win2K
    Server) or did you pass Win2K Pro (70-210)?

    And yes, your two CompTIA certs can be combined and used as one elective
    towards your MCSA (but not MCSE).

    Try taking a look at Microsoft's website for help.
    Briscobar, Jun 29, 2005
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    70-210 W2K professional.
    I know MCSE track lists this one client operating system requirement, but
    does it need to be taken again if it's been 2 years since pass?
    Guest, Jun 29, 2005
  4. Guest

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, =?Utf-8?B?QUwxOTgw?= spewed across
    the ether:
    MCPs never expire.
    JaR, Jun 29, 2005
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's right with current msft rules ;). I believe in the past they retired
    whole bunch of MCPs. Btw, MCP is a title, my question is on exam expiration
    and whether it needs to be retaken if more than two years passed though the
    exam itself is current and included in the MCSE2003 track. Thnaks.
    Guest, Jun 29, 2005
  6. Guest

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, =?Utf-8?B?QUwxOTgw?= spewed across
    the ether:

    In line:
    Current, past, whatever.
    You believe wrong. The exams are retired, the software platform being
    tested becomes obsolete, an Apple II was a fun machine.
    No sh1t.
    And I have answered your question.
    YW, HAND.
    JaR, Jun 29, 2005
  7. Guest

    Kline Sphere Guest

    MCPs never expire.

    they just grow old and die....

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    Kline Sphere, Jun 29, 2005
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