exam 72-291

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Guest, May 24, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I need study material for exam 72-291 does anyone know some cram material
    that I can use.
    Guest, May 24, 2007
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  2. Guest

    TBone Guest

    Any of the materials recommended by certguard.com will prevent you from
    being ripped off by cheaters.
    TBone, May 24, 2007
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    Do you think that all of these obvious cheater posts are for real, or is
    someone just testing the waters to see how the community is going to act?

    Theory #1. The owners of some brain dump want to see if their site’s name
    gets mentioned. Of course if it doesn’t, they can just pretend to be a
    sympathetic co-studier and point out how helpful their particular site was
    to them.

    Theory #2. Some trade (or blog) columnist is gathering information on the
    next article that they are writing about cheating on exams.

    Theory #3. The certifier, i.e. Microsoft, Cisco, etc, are trying to catch
    cheaters to weed them out. Na, that would make to much since.

    What’s your theory?

    ^^^^^ Nice touch!
    Harvey Colwell, May 24, 2007
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thx TBone, looks like a good grip to start with.
    Guest, May 24, 2007
  5. Guest

    Montreal MCT Guest

    I recommend the Microsoft Press Self-Paced Training Kits.

    Moses Invests.
    Montreal MCT, May 27, 2007
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