Exam 70-621

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Eagle, May 22, 2008.

  1. Eagle

    Eagle Guest

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the newsgroups so please bear with me.

    I am looking for anyone that has taken or knows much about the 70-621 exam.
    I know that it is a combination of the 70-620 and 70-622 exams. I have the
    books from Microsoft for both of these but the books I received have no
    practice exams. Does anyone have any suggestions outside of just reading the

    I am planning on taking the test next week and using my second shot on it
    but would still rather pass it my first time. This will be my 8th exam to
    take and I've only ever failed 2. I failed 70-291 about a week ago and will
    re-take it another day.

    I currently have MCP and MCDST, my understanding is that by taking 70-621, I
    will get both MCTS and MCITP as well. Is that correct?

    Thank you whoever replies.
    Eagle, May 22, 2008
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  2. Eagle

    bulisani Guest

    you have all the material you need,
    the exam is fair, if you IT, and you are familiar with vista
    the second shot has expired, so bettter get it right first time.
    ready the fine print on that second
    i just took mines last week and had a perfect score.
    70-621 will upgrade you to MCTS and MCITP
    bulisani, Jun 23, 2008
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